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Who do you know who is interested in being healthier?

Tell them about our NEW PATIENT CLASSES and OPEN HOUSE!

Dr. Sheehan will be holding classes and open houses for everyone interested in our Nutritional Wellness Program.

These events will be chock full of information about health and wellness, and how to support your body’s structural and biochemical health.

Dr. Sheehan and Laura will be doing assessments for each interested attendee to see if they can benefit from a nutritional program. The cost for attendees is $20.

Come to the New Patient Class and Open House. No matter what your particular symptoms, this event is the BEST way to get started on your journey to better health.

Please call the office to register at (717) 392-6606.

Schedule of upcoming talks and open houses:

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Located in the Lancaster, PA area, Sheehan Natural Health Improvement Center offers chiropractic care and nutrition response testing.


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