New Patient Center (Your first visit Chiropractic)

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What to expect during your first visit to a chiropractor…

The core principle of healthcare at Sheehan Chiropractic is to treat the body as a unified whole, and not simply look at the isolated parts. All areas of the body work together in harmony, and Dr. Sheehan takes all of this into account during the initial assessment.

The first visit is simply information gathering. Dr. Sheehan will perform a complete body assessment – physical, mental and emotional – to determine the root cause of your problems. He does not simply figure out how to eliminate a symptom. He wants to teach your body to heal itself, from the inside out through healthy diet, exercise and proper lifestyle choices.

After the initial visit, Dr. Sheehan will review all the information and test results, and put together an “action plan” to bring your body back into balance that you will discuss in your follow-up visit, which can be as soon as the next day. He will be able to tell you how he can help you, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

It is helpful to have as much paperwork filled out as possible before your first visit. These forms are for chiropractic patients only. All Nutrition paperwork will need to be done in the office, except for the New Patient Introduction Form, which you should bring with you to your first Nutrition Evaluation Visit.


Please print and fill out the forms below, and bring them to your first appointment with you.

To save time please download, print and complete these forms and bring them along to your appointment. If you don’t have a printer or would rather fill the forms out at our office we will be happy to provide the required forms at the time of your visit.