Magnificent Multivitamins

Simple Multi Vitamin Reduced Cardiovascular Death By 37%

How many times have you heard the saying the best offense is a good defense? That saying may seem trite, but in the world of nutrition these words are golden. The evidence is overwhelming that vitamins and trace minerals are essential for enzyme systems and the reduction of disease of all kinds. You will be shocked in a few moments when I review some of the studies, but before I do, I want you to think foundational.

What are the foundations that every patient should be taking? The bottom line is, today’s food quality is not near what it was. Add to this the abundance of food processing food additives that leaches nutrients from the body, and what you get is the exact recipe for nutrient deficiency. You can’t be healthy unless you are getting the basic nutrients which are almost impossible to get from diet alone these days. True vibrant health is unattainable without optimal nutrients.

I have heard more than one doctor say that it borders on malpractice to NOT recommend a good multivitamin and balanced essential fatty acid. One of the doctors said he believes if you don’t recommend a good multiple there is enough evidence available right now in well respected medical journals that you could be sued for malpractice.

Now of course we all know that will never happen, but he was making a dramatic point that the data is strong. Consider the French seven year double blinded, randomized, placebo controlled study that showed a reduction in cardio-vascular death by 37 % and a reduction in cancer diagnosis by 33% in men ages 45-60 with subjects taking low dose antioxidants and a few trace minerals. These are huge numbers with profound implications. Double blinded, randomized, placebo
controlled studies are the gold standard of testing only to be enhanced by the number of subjects, which were over 10,000 people. This is an impressive study.
The reason for “taking drugs to lower cholesterol” is to reduce heart disease. We want to reduce heart disease so people won’t die. The French study showed a reduction of death by 37% and reduction of cancer diagnosis by 33%. It’s a big
deal. If a patentable drug could show those numbers, we would be hearing about it day and night on the news not to mention the commercials that would be generated.

Another study, on the elderly showed a multivitamin mineral supplement significantly improved their overall nutritional status, bone density, and even reduced their falls.

A third study showed that patients who took multivitamins had a lower risk of high blood pressure. The multivitamin group also had 73 % less risk of diabetes and a 52% less risk of coronary disease compared to the non-supplemented group. Also subjects taking multiple vitamin mineral supplements reported having good or excellent health status (74% more than the non-user group).

Some may say that the subjective reports are just placebo, but it is difficult to change bone density with a placebo; and as I reported from the French study, the nutrient group had 37% less death. That’s pretty tough to fake. Still another double blind, placebo control study, published in the American Journal of
Medicine showed multivitamin use was associated with lower C-reactive protein levels. C-reactive protein is associated with inflammation, and inflammation is associated with a host of conditions.

Here’s what one professor from Harvard Medical School said in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, “suboptimal intake of some vitamins, above levels causing classic vitamin deficiency, is a risk factor for
chronic diseases and common in the general population, especially the elderly. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears
prudent for ALL adults to take vitamin supplements.”

If patients have deficiencies, even in very inexpensive nutrients, it causes huge changes even at the genetic level. We all know about folic acid deficiencies causing spinal bifida in newborns, but what about our genes? Consider this
quote by Dr. Ames and his colleagues as he reports the effects of various nutrients on DNA damage and repair, “These findings suggest that a diet poor in folate may pose a risk of DNA damage… comparable to that of a relatively high
dose of radiation.” That’s important!

These few studies are with just SIMPLE nutrients. What if we add a high quality blend of EFAs high in Omega 3 fatty acids? Most of these studies are not done with highly bio-available nutrients OR with the life style changes that you teach your patients which will amplify the effects. Clearly we have to help our patients understand that establishing a nutrient foundation is critical to healthy enzymes, healthy cells, and ultimately healthy patients.

So you can see in these few studies that a good offense really starts with a good defense. Feed our cells the foundational things they need, make some minor lifestyle changes, and then we can talk about the high tech nutrients that get so much attention on the internet. The basics, it’s where we start.

A doctor colleague of mine recently shared how a woman diagnosed with cancer and several other serious issues came to her for help. Within months of treatment the patient was showing great improvement and was praising the doctor. Even the doctor herself was amazed because the treatment was a multivitamin. That’s it, but why is that so surprising? The science is solid. Everyone needs the right nutrition to be healthy.

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Phenomenal Iodine!

A Little Iodine Can Make A Big Difference

Over 80% of people tested for iodine in the Midwest are deficient. Iodine is emerging as one of the most deficient and misunderstood nutrients. David Brownstein M.D., author of the book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It, believes that it is impossible to achieve optimal health if you do not have adequate iodine levels. He believes that iodine when taken in the inorganic nonradioactive form is the safest of all essential trace elements and can be taken daily for long periods of time.

Iodine is found in each of the cells in the body; and without it, life is not possible. It is responsible for the production of all the hormones of the body. Adequate levels are necessary for proper immune function as well as warding off bacteria,
parasites, viruses, and cancer. It alkalizes pH, and it is well known that an acidic chemistry is a major factor in many diseases.

Iodine has been used in treatment with the following conditions: ADD, atherosclerosis, fibrocystic breast disease and breast cancer, excess mucous
production, fatigue, hemorrhoids, headaches, hypertension, liver diseases, ovarian disease, prostate disorders and thyroid disorders.

In the body, the highest concentration of iodine is found in the thyroid. The next highest concentration is in the ovaries. The highest volume of iodine is found in breast tissue, but iodine is present in every cell of the body and is required for healthy cellular metabolism.

Iodine deficiency can cause mental retardation, goiter, increased child and infant mortality, and infertility. In fact, iodine deficiency disorder is the most common preventable form of mental retardation known.

Iodine is found in seawater, ocean fish, and specifically seaweed. It is added back into commercial salt since bleaching depletes it of iodine and other minerals. Sea salt is available that has not been bleached, and therefore still contains natural occurring iodine.

Iodine is so deficient in the Midwest it is considered the “goiter belt.” Other inland areas are also known by the same name because of a much higher incidence of goiter due to a lack of natural iodine.

The RDA for iodine is 150 mcg supposedly the amount of iodine needed to prevent disease. Dr. Brownstein and his colleagues’ feel these numbers are far too low as many countries such as Japan ingests 13 mg or more per day. That’s 86 times more than is suggested by our RDA.

The U.S. has the highest incidence of breast cancer. Japan’s breast cancer level is the lowest in the world. The U.S. life expectancy rating is 48th of the 226 countries. Japan is 6th. Our infant mortality rate is 7 per 1000 births. Japan is 3.5 per 1000 which is the lowest incidence in the world. Yet when the Japanese relocate to this country and adopt our diet, they quickly join the U.S. statistics
for cancer, life expectancy, and infant mortality.

Two reasons why we are so deficient in iodine are: First, and obviously, we don’t ingest enough iodine every day. Second, the little iodine we ingest gets displaced or pushed out of the essential tissues.

Remember the periodic chart of elements that we studied in chemistry? You may recall a highly reactive group called the halogens on the right side of the chart. As you know, the elements at the top of a column displace the elements below.
Reading from top to bottom in the halogen family we have fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine. In other words, chlorine, bromine and fluorine push iodine out of our cells.

Fluorine is a known carcinogen and is present in our drinking water and in many of our drugs such as Cipro, Lipitor, Prozac, Paxil, and Effexor.

Chlorine is also found in our drinking water and in many drugs such as Zoloft and Wellbutrin. Chlorine is considered a neurotoxin and is used as a pesticide. It is a major ingredient in the new miracle sweetener Splenda.

Most people are not aware that bromine, another iodine displacer, is a major player in our diet. Before the 1980’s, iodine was used as an anticaking agent in breads and other baking products. Some researchers felt that iodine could cause problems with the thyroid gland, so in the 1980’s it was replaced with bromine. Bromine interferes with iodide uptake and utilization in the thyroid gland. Bromine is a toxic element and is considered a chemical that causes goiters. This substitution has been in large part responsible for the declining iodine levels in the U.S.

So the point of the halogen illustration is this: Fluorine, chlorine, and bromine all displace iodine. To displace means to push out or mobilize. Iodine which is already deficient in our diet is being displaced by other more aggressive
elements that can actually poison enzyme systems.

So if we take lowered cellular levels due to dietary deficiencies and add the halogens which further deplete this essential nutrient, we can see why iodine deficiency is so rampant. There are two tests doctors can use to test iodine levels. One is called the iodine patch test; the other is called the iodine loading test. The patch test has been criticized because it is a screen and does not give qualitative numbers. As such it is difficult to say when to stop supplementing with iodine. I like it because it is inexpensive and easy to understand. You can click on the web page and get a written discussion for both tests and labs that perform the qualitative 24 hour urine test.

Here’s the short version of the patch test and something you can do at home. Apply iodine on the skin in one inch square area. Iodine is a stain, and it is important to avoid staining one’s clothes. The stain should be visible for 24 hours. The faster the stain disappears… the more likely the degree
of deficiency. You will be amazed at how fast some of the stains disappear. Considering how many things iodine affects, treatment of iodine deficiency can make a big difference.

As I stated earlier, iodine is found in each of the cells in the body. Without it, life is not possible. It is responsible for the production of all the hormones of the body, so a little iodine can make a big difference.

Natural Immune Support

The swine flu drama, can you feel the tension building? On one hand the pharmaceutical forces with their advertising dollars are alerting the media about the dangers. Some are already calling it a pandemic. School children are being taught “preventative” measures while public health officials are promoting immunizations like they were the “elixir of life.” However, on the other hand, groups of responsible scientists from around the world are saying “it’s only the flu, don’t panic.” Even the World Health Organization’s pandemic preparedness guide says that 30 -50% will experience mild or no symptoms whatsoever. Should you get an immunization for this “supposed pandemic?” Even the medical professionals aren’t clear about what to do.

According to the 2009 August 25th issue of the British Medical Journal, more than half of the doctors and nurses surveyed say they will refuse the H1N1 vaccine due to potential side effects and concerns about if it will even work. Scientists from around the world are sharing their concern whether the side effects outweigh the risks. See the website below for more on the immunization debate.

It’s definitely not an option I am considering, but everyone should make their own decisions. As health care professionals, when there is confusion, our patients look to us for answers. Here’s a common sense approach that you might find helpful. First, I don’t think we can expect children to avoid contact with other children, wash their hands more, or do any of the other “preventative strategies” we hear on TV. I know if I don’t do those things I can’t expect a child to. Next, let’s learn from history and see what we can do to sensibility prevent people from both panic and disease.

Several years ago four bodies were found frozen in Tundra that had died from the 1918 flu. After much debate, their bodies were examined and found that the lungs of the deceased were filled with fluid. Apparently, when the macrophages start attacking the virus to destroy it, they give off powerful oxidative substances. The lungs as well as other healthy tissue are protected if there are sufficient antioxidants. When the danger of the bacterial or viral threat is over, the macrophages stop releasing the oxidative substances and the body then disposes of the dead bugs.

Chemical messengers called cytokines tell the body what to attack and what not to attack. Cytokines are proteins produced by the white blood cells. Cytokine activation is a “good thing” telling the immune system to turn on and just as importantly to turn off. When the battlefield is in the mucus membranes of the lungs, messages go out that a bacteria or virus is present. A battle is waged by the white blood cells. Brief oxidative bursts are released; the bugs are killed; swallowed up for transport; inflammation occurs; a congestion or “traffic
jam” results; we cough, sneeze, and ooze out some gluck for a few days; and we recover normally.

But what if the macrophages don’t turn off and continue with their oxidative burst. Cytokines are over stimulated and inflammation escalates. Mucus continues to be released to the point where patients actually suffocate. That’s what happened during the 1918 flu. Healthy people like children and young adults were affected and died. This is referred to as a “cytokine storm,” a slang term conveying the concept of an onslaught of “kill messages.”

One researcher said it is like a trigger on a gun. The trigger gets stuck and the oxidative damage and inflammation continue until the person can’t breathe. Healthy people have such a strong immune system that their macrophages continue to release the free radicals even though the bugs are long dead. The trigger is stuck. The infection is certainly a factor but the overreaction is the culprit.

Here’s the key point. The most readily available and cost efficient way to modulate cytokines naturally is with vitamin D. Sunlight being the best solution, which is why we don’t have the extremes of the flu during summer months when
people are out in the sun and getting natural vitamin D. But from autumn to spring, supplemental vitamin D is the best defense. My suggestion is to put every one of your patients young and old on a good vitamin D product. The optimal blood levels are 50 – 100 ng/ml so if blood testing is available increase your dose to reach those levels. If not, take 6,000 IU per day as a maintenance dosage. My favorite is Bio-DMulsion Forte from Biotics Research. It’s emulsified
for better absorption and the most bio-available vitamin D on the market. Each one ounce container is $19.00 for over 700 drops of vitamin D. Each drop is 2,000 IU that means only 3 drops will give you 6,000 IU. I just got two blood tests back yesterday, one from a woman in her 70’s and one from someone in their 20’s who is a runner and very active. After a summer with sunlight exposure, both of them had levels in the 20 ng/ml range. That’s scary to me, remember, for optimal protection we want levels over 50.

Back to common sense. Vitamin D, as any catalyst, will need cofactors to work properly. Also, there are other nutrients that have value as immune modulators; therefore, a multi-nutrient formula like Bio-Immunozyme Forte works synergistically with vitamin D. Bio-Immunozyme Forte has all the foundational levels of nutrients, botanicals, and enzymes designed to support but not to over-stimulate the immune system.

As I have mentioned, one of the problems with overactive macrophage is excessive free radicals. Most of the vitamin C on the market is already oxidized, which the body must regenerate into the reduced form before it can be used. So we want a form that is already in the reduced form, like the mineral ascorbates. 1500 – 3000 mg is a good prevention dose. I do have an updated handout that you can refer to for things to consider for a more chronic aggressive virus. But the common sense here is to make sure everyone of your patients, both young and old, maintain sufficient levels of vitamin D; and they need to get started RIGHT NOW. Start building those levels. Make sure patients are taking a multiple designed to support but not over stimulate the immune system and use some extra vitamin C to support the patient’s antioxidant system.

This simple program prevents against the WORST, supports the body for all kind of other stresses and strains of everyday life, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Vitamin D – Simple & Powerful

Just about the time we think we know everything about something, BAM, a new angle emerges. New Research now shows that 600,000 new cases of breast and colon cancer could be prevented worldwide each year simply by raising vitamin D blood levels. This new study totally blows my mind. Here we spend literally BILLIONS of dollars on cancer drugs while just upping vitamin D levels could prevent 600,000 cases of cancer EACH YEAR.

Think about the economic and social implications of 600,000 new cases of cancer that didn’t develop. Everyone should be on a DAILY dose of vitamin D. There has been an absolute explosion in vitamin D research the past few years.

Research now shows that low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with hypertension, migraine headaches, influenza, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, periodontal disease, epilepsy, osteoporosis, heart disease, and osteoarthritis. Low vitamin D levels are also associated with
infertility, PMS, fatigue, seasonal affective disorder, depression, and autoimmune conditions like MS, Sjögren’s Syndrome, and rheumatoid
arthritis. Vitamin D deficiencies are seen with Crohn’s disease, syndrome X, obesity, and poly cystic ovary disease.

Vitamin D has been shown to improve survival in lung cancer patients, reduce falls in the elderly, increase athletic performance, and increase cognitive performance in adults. Vitamin D should be a huge part of any protocol in the treatment of any kind of chronic pain.

Now, how is it possible that one simple vitamin can do so much? I believe it is because vitamin D is a major factor in alkalizing the body. Most Americans have an overly acidic chemistry which is a breeding ground for disease. Our hormones cell membranes, and enzymes; even our oxygen levels are not working correctly if our system is mildly acidic. Our bodies work best in a pH of 7.365 and even a minor drop in pH to 7.2 can cause a major shift in the way our body functions. Whenever our systems are too acidic, one of the major buffers our bodies use to reduce that acidity is calcium. Vitamin D, among other functions, causes increased calcium absorption by increasing a hormone called “calcitriol”. Better calcium absorption through proper levels of vitamin D is a major buffer for an overly acidic system.

Dr. Stuart Grace Green in a lecture about his upcoming book on Vitamin D described that there are over 3,000 receptor sites for vitamin D in the body. All your body organs and cells have receptors for vitamin D, meaning that vitamin D communicates all around your body. Your cells use vitamin D to directly regulate your genes, making it one of the most powerful compounds in human health. Professor Robert Healy says that “vitamin D is the key that unlocks the DNA library.”

The volume of research on vitamin D is staggering and keeps growing. What is exciting is that the research is solid and comes from reputable sources. I strongly recommend that everyone needs to be on vitamin D, especially when you are not getting adequate sun exposure.

I don’t think there is a simpler, less expensive thing that people can do to increase their physical and even emotional health than to take 1-2 drops of vitamin D per day. A safe dose if you are not testing for vitamin D blood levels is 2,000 IU for children and 4,000 IU for adults.

Remember the most cost effective, convenient way to take vitamin D is with Bio-DMulsion Forte by Biotics. Each drop contains 2,000 IU. Bio-D-Mulsion Forte is emulsified, so patients are assured of proper absorption. The particle sizes are actually considered to be nano-sized and are absorbed directly into the lymph system.

Doctors consistently tell me that some forms of vitamin D don’t change blood levels, but once they started using the Bio-D-Mulsion blood levels started going up nicely. One bottle is only $19.00 for about 750 drops and can be used by the whole family for months.

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