Everyone is concerned about beauty. It is likely that everyone is at least a little bit vain. I am no exception. So when I heard about Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, I knew we just had to offer it! This article explains well how acupuncture promotes beauty. Guinevere Crescenzi, our acupuncturist on staff, gave me an introduction to the procedure last week. I told her, since entering my 40’s, I am concerned about sagging skin around my mouth. She told me I was crazy and she didn’t even see anything. But I insisted, so she put a few acupuncture needles in around my jaw line. She also put a few needles in my forehead creases (which I have had since I was a teenager, but I digress). I also told her I had had a little dot on the tip of my nose for several months that was not going away. So she put a needle in it. I also have two little skin tags on my face next to my nose. She put a small circle needles around one of them in a “surround the dragon” formation, which is supposed to draw energy out of whatever is in the middle. Then she said “that’s enough needles!” and left me to rest for about 45 minutes. Which felt awesome and very relaxing, although I do have to admit all the needles surrounding my cheek mole did sting a tiny bit.

The next day, as I looked in the mirror to examine the results of my acupuncture facial, I noticed my cheek mole was slightly flatter and my nose dot was gone! I’m not sure about my sagging jaw skin. But I’m sure I will need more than one treatment for that. I also felt that my skin was clearer. Guinevere says that a weekly treatment for 6-12 visits should produce a visible “lift.” And who wouldn’t want more beauty?

So here is my diet log for the last couple of days (since eating for beauty is important too):

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Breakfast-9AM: Vernalis Diner in Mahanoy City, PA – coffee with 1/2 and 1/2, potato hash with onions, steak and mushroom omlette with mozzarella (which was awesome, by the way)

Snack-12:00 PM: home-made pemmican (more on that next week), mixed nuts

Lunch-1:00 PM: tuna salad on a salad from Pasquale’s with ranch

Supper-9:00 PM: canned chicken breast with salsa and avocado – Dr. Sheehan made this easy meal!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Breakfast-8:30 AM: mixed nuts, meatloaf, yerba mate

Snack-10:00 AM: dairy free choco mint bar, black tea

Lunch-1:00 PM: more meatloaf

Snack-3:30 PM: plantain chips

Supper-9:00 PM: more meatloaf, chicken meatballs, sugar free almond flour cookie