By Laura Sheehan
February 13, 2020

I have historically been philosophically aligned with the concept of the “traditional diet”, that is, the nutrient-dense diets that sustained our ancestors before commercially processed foods were introduced. For that reason, I always viewed certain other dietary approaches as faddish. For example, keto diets or low FODMaP diets don’t seem natural enough. Too many odd contortions! In contrast, I have favored the Paleo diet or the Page diet plan, as they are in keeping with traditional principles.
But as much as I embrace traditional principles when it comes to food, I am also adventurous, and I love to experiment. So, when I came across the Paleo low FODMaP diet as a gut reset, I thought—let me give it a try!

Why I Decided To Try The Low FODMap Diet

Everything I experiment with food-wise is in the effort of helping myself and my clients feel better. In my case, I have resolved many health issues naturally over the years with diet and natural methods. But I feel there is still something up with my gut—right, Dr. Sheehan?!? Without doing lots of SIBO breath testing, gut microbiome or stool testing, I undertook to really get my gut right and maybe help some of the hormonal issues I’ve been experiencing as I enter perimenopause.
I would like to give Dr. Michael Ruscio credit as the inspiration for this gut reset.

The first step—a bone broth cleanse.

I made my own bone broth (here is the recipe), and that is all I consumed on day 1. I think I drank almost a whole gallon of bone broth!
On day 2, I started two weeks of Paleo Low FODMaP. The idea is to eat whole foods—no grains, legumes, sugar, or processed foods—but also to stick to foods that are low in FODMaPs. FODMaPs are fermentable sugars, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols. Here is a list of foods to avoid on a low FODMaP diet. This means no milk, dairy, yogurt, or cheese, nuts of any kind, coconut milk or flour, honey, sugar alcohol sweeteners (that I can’t digest anyway), avocado, onions or garlic.
The Paleo low FODMaP diet is more restrictive than the regular low FODMaP diet but has the added bonus of being gluten-free, whole food and lower-antigen.
At one week into my gut reset, I have noticed a marked reduction of gas and burping (perhaps embarrassing phenomena, but nevertheless a nutritionist must be willing to address these symptoms!) I also notice I am not coughing at night, where before I would at times—especially after eating wheat or processed foods. My energy has also been very good and I don’t wake up feeling clogged.

The idea behind a diet like this is to reduce bacterial overgrowths in the gut.

It is not for the long term. When I am done with my two weeks, I intend to re-introduce one food at a time to see how it affects me. I also intend to introduce some different probiotics.
I’ll keep you posted!

In health,

Laura Sheehan

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