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Virtual Functional Medicine Services in PA

 Who Is Virtual Functional Medicine For?

Virtual Nutritionist Services are ideal for patients who are seeking holistic, safe, natural and evidence-based health care but who cannot attend in-person visits due to their location or who desire to practice social distancing.

Why Would You Need Virtual Functional Medicine?

Whether you are seeking nutritional support for a specific health concern, or simply wish to improve your immune system and optimize your health, Virtual Nutritionist Services provide individualized support in a Functional Medicine framework.

A Nutritional Approach Based In What Works

Our philosophy is rooted in the healing power of whole food nutrition. Many fads come and go in the nutritional field, but the principles of traditional diets and whole food nutrition stand the test of time. We look to the great nutritional pioneers of the past and we critically evaluate all innovations through this lens.

We Don’t Treat Symptoms, But Go To The Root Cause

Our approach is based on pragmatism. We ask the question: what is causing your health concern? Then we consider contributing factors. Therefore, we will perform the proper testing to get some answers. Then we address what we find using dietary changes, lifestyle suggestions, nutritional supplements and herbs. We tailor each program to you as an individual.


Services That We Provide

Functional Medicine Evaluation

We gather a thorough health history as well as your main health concerns. We will be investigating what has been working and what has not been working so far in your current health journey in order to identify your nutritional needs.

Lab Testing

With a simple blood test, we can see where your nutritional deficiencies and organ dysfunctions are. It shows us the health of your liver, kidneys, and gut. It shows us if you have inflammation and if you are in the early stages of developing a chronic disease. In short, Functional Medicine gives us the big picture.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Designed Clinical Nutrition is based on whole food nutritional supplements and common sense dietary guidelines. This is where you put your program into practice. We provide the support to make the changes needed to reach your health goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Need some extra help implementing your dietary recommendations? Our Nutrition Coaching gives you a simple, personalized plan to implement the proper dietary changes needed to achieve maximum improvement. We find that when our patients are eating the right foods, less supplements are needed in the program and they get faster results. 


To receive your $59 Nutrition Evaluation, follow these steps:


Step 1: Watch these three videos.

Step 2: Take this quiz.

Once you have completed the quiz we will contact you to set up your nutrition evaluation.

Great job! You are well on your way to better health!

Step 3: Meanwhile, print and fill out the paperwork.


Nutrition Paperwork

Make sure to fill out ALL pages please, thank you.

Don’t worry, if you can’t print out the paperwork, we have it available in the office when you come in.