What is Functional Medicine?

90% of disease is based on diet and lifestyle factors, not genetics.
In spite of spending billions of dollars on research and new treatments, the conventional medical system has failed to address the growing flood of chronic disease.

In order make a difference, we need a new paradigm of health care.

Functional Medicine offers hope for the future.

Functional medicine finds and addresses the cause of disease, using the latest cutting-edge evidence-
based and science-based methods.

Here is an example of how Functional Medicine works:

Problem: Patient is suffering from fatigue. Thyroid lab tests show low thyroid.

Functional Medicine solution: Look for reasons why the thyroid is stressed. Perform detailed testing as
necessary to determine the cause and explore what diet and lifestyle habits might be contributing to or
exacerbating the problem. Provide a comprehensive recommendation that takes the whole person into
account. The solution is collaborative. The patient takes an active role in his or her care. All
recommendations are safe and natural. The doctor does not consider care a success until the patient
actually feels better.

Contrasted with:

Conventional solution: Provide medicine to bring thyroid numbers back into normal range. The patient
might not feel better, but the lab numbers are now normal, so she is considered cured. Most of the time
the only solution is medication and there is nothing else the patient can do to get better.

What type of care would you prefer?

How do I know if Functional Medicine is Right for Me?

– You are willing to collaborate with your clinician to track down the root causes

– You are willing to consider making changes to your diet and/or lifestyle

– You are seeking a long-term solution to what is likely a long-term problem

– You are willing to consider safe and natural therapies such as dietary change, nutritional
supplements, stress reduction, and detoxification

– You are not likely to dismiss any possible cause of your problem, even if it’s not what you
expected and requires some change on your part

– You are tired of clinicians who are relying on outmoded methods

– You want to get to the bottom of your health situation!

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