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We specialize in three critical health improvement modalities:

Your health is the foundation on which everything else in life rests.  If you’re not feeling powerful, vibrant and energized we can help. There are three things you can do today to start your journey toward a healthier, happier life — get started below. »


Nutrition Response TestingSM

Nutrition Response Testingsm and Designed Clinical Nutrition provide safe, effective relief for many health problems. They comprise part of a complete health and wellness program using non-invasive assessment techniques, individualized nutritional recommendations, whole food supplements, and herbs, to get you well and  keep you well for a lifetime.


Chiropractic adjustments provide excellent relief for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and many other issues. Chiropractic adjustments realign the spinal joints and put them back into their correct position, removing pressure from delicate spinal nerves. Healthy backs are one of the foundations of wellness.


Functional Medicine

90% of disease is based on diet and lifestyle factors, not genetics. The conventional medical system has not been able to address the growing flood of chronic disease solely with pharmaceuticals. In order to make a difference, we need a new paradigm of health care. Functional Medicine offers hope for the future. 


Watch a short informational video about Nutition.

Watch a short video about Chiropractic care.

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Learn more about Nutrition Response TestingSM

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Located in the Lancaster, PA area, Sheehan Natural Health Improvement Center offers chiropractic care and nutrition response testing.


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