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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Now why don’t you do what’s right and download our eBook, “5 Common Myths and Truths about Common Laboratory Tests.” You’ll learn that there’s a big difference between “normal” and “optimum” when it comes to lab tests and if...

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Immune System Protocol

I'm reposting this Immune System Protocol from the Wellness Library because it's so timely! By Dr. Keith Sheehan Lately, lots of patients have been asking me, “what do I take when I’m sick?”  The correct answer, of course is “we test you, then tell you what your body...

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Walking For Health and Positive Mental Health

Recently, I lost 4 inches off my waist, decreased my blood pressure, lost 5 pounds, became happier, and bonded with my wife, making one simple change in my life. What makes this significant, is that for the past 20 years, I've been exercising about four hours per week...

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A Treatise on Processed Foods

Nutritional Analysis and Discussion of a Popular “Diet” Energy Drink Or A Treatise on Processed Foods By Laura Sheehan April 8, 2018 In working with my clients, my approach as a nutritionist is generally toward recommending people consume more fresh foods in their...

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