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Laura Sheehan’s Story: My Life in Holistic Health Care

Laura Sheehan's Story: My Life in Holistic Health Care Meet Laura Sheehan, an accomplished Nutrition Response Testing™ practitioner with a Master's in Applied Clinical Nutrition. She happens to be married to the brilliant Dr. Keith Sheehan, the proud owner of...

Becky’s “Buck Shack Stew”

Becky's "Buck Shack Stew"  Becky, one of our staff here at Sheehan Natural Health, wanted to share her stew recipe that she loves to make when visiting her cabin in the mountains. Enjoy!Ingredients one meaty grass-fed beef soup bone one large sweet onion, sliced...

Protein-Sparing Modified Fast for Weight Loss

Hello Friends in Natural Health! Sorry I haven’t sent an update for a while. Keith and I have been busy implementing some more systems geared toward blood testing (to combine with Nutrition Response Testing). Adding the blood testing has helped us with our own health,...

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