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Our performance speaks for itself, just see why our patients say we are the best of the best:


“My son was itching non-stop. It had become so distracting that it was affecting many parts of his life. He has Autism and was also having trouble being out without covering his ears and squinting as if it hurt. Dr. Sheehan helped us clean up his diet and improve his liver function which we did not realize was the reason for his itching. He now rarely itches and is covering his ears less!”

A.M., Lancaster

Hashimoto’s, Brain Fog, & Weight Gain

“I have been very pleased with my experience and treatment at Sheehan Natural Health. For many years, I had been searching for support with my Hashimoto’s disease, widespread pain, brain fog, and weight issues, and I found no where to turn. I was very discouraged by my doctor’s vague cookie-cutter advice that did not help me. All the magazines that I read offered different recommendations each week. I struggles to figure out what to do. Since I have been coming to see Dr. Sheehan, I feel much better. My arthritis pain has improved, my energy levels have increased, my mind is clearer, my stomach pain is gone and I lost about 20 pounds! Dr. Sheehan and his office staff are very nurturing and supportive. Dr. Sheehan offers logical, intelligent, and empathetic advice, and he posses a wealth of health and wellness knowledge. I especially like the follow-up visits included with the program, so that modifications can be made and I am not left to struggle with unanswered questions. I feel very encouraged after I leave his office and I know that with his advice and help, I will reach all of my health goals!”

S.H., Hummelstown

Lower Back Pain & Weight Loss

I suffered from lower back pain for years. By the end of each day, I was in so much pain, I could not function. After seeing Dr. Sheehan for 3 weeks, I felt amazing. I no longer have to think about my next move with anticipation of pain. My running and gym activity have improved and I can work out pain free. My care has been life changing. I also lost 10 pounds since I’ve been able to workout again

T.O., Lancaster


“Before I came to Dr. Sheehan, I was in chronic, constant, and debilitating pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I was sleeping an average of 16-18 hours a day. Of course I was unable to work. I was depressed, not to mention my menstrual cycle was non-existant for two years. My constant headaches pretty much ruined my life. Seven months later, I no longer have pain and headaches 24 hours a day. My headaches are pretty much gone! I am experiencing regular menstrual cycles. I have hope for my future. I am getting stronger and healthier everyday. Dr. Sheehan, Laura, and their staff saved my life! I am forever grateful. I know that my health and life are just going to get better!”

C.L., York


Different pediatricians all diagnosed my 11-year old son with migraines, and they were getting more frequent. I was told to give him Motrin to stop the migraines from progressing into bouts of vomiting with sound and light sensitivity. I felt like he was consuming too much Motrin for a growing boy, so I came to Dr. Sheehan for a different approach. Dr. Sheehan determined that my son’s headaches stemmed from food sensitivities and a weakened digestive system. He suggested a change in his diet and some supplements to support his digestion. I am thrilled to report that my son has not had a single headache in over three months!!”

D.H., Lancaster


“Had to drop you a line my wife has now lost 18 lbs. I’m down to 5 cigs a day and am confident I’ll quit for good this time. Our Nutritional Therapy Program has us feeling better than we can remember You, elevating our awareness of what we were doing to ourselves (bad habits) has totally changed us we’ve never been happier a whole new lifestyle.”

G.F., Strasburg


“I had terrible pain all over my body my legs, arms, neck, and back. It was very difficult to lift light items, get dressed, or even raise my arms at times. I also had overwhelming diarrhea, gas pain and bloating, and frequent and severe acid reflux. After seeing Dr. Sheehan for his Chiropractic and Nutritional Therapy Program, my pain is Gone! I can move, dress, and do activities that were impossible before. My gastro-intestinal problems are also 80% improved as long as I stick to the food plan.”

N.B., Lancaster


“I was exhibiting hyperthyroid symptoms: shortness of breath, sweating, fast heartbeat, insomnia. My endocrinologist said I could try a wait-and-see approach, or a pill, or taking radioactive iodine to kill off my thyroid and then taking a pill for the rest of my life. Thanks to the supplements Dr. Sheehan gave me with the help of meditation, chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and a proper diet, my thyroid hormone levels normalized and my symptoms went away. I will not have to follow any of the scary treatments that were ordered by my endocrinologist.”

J.S., Willow Street


“I had a cyst in my hip so painful I was using crutches. My M.D. told me he would drill out the cyst and fill it with bone. I was coming to see Dr. Sheehan for some other issues, but after a few months on the Nutritional Therapy Program I had another MRI. My cyst was completely gone!”

S.K., Lititz


“Always attentive and responsive when answering all my questions”

A.B., Lancaster

Like New Person

“With just one visit our lives have changed for the better! I feel like a new person. Thank you.”

P., Lancaster


“I have had migraines and chronic abdominal pain for the past 5 ½ years after a misdiagnosis. After getting frustrated with the constant increase of medications with no results, I heard of the Nutritional Therapy Program. Finally, I have my life back! I am no longer taking ANY pain meds and have more energy than I have had in years. Thank you so much!”

R. B., Lancaster


My traditional doctor sent me home saying that there was nothing wrong with me as I continued to feel sick and pass out. This had been happening for 4-5 years. I had had many lab tests and blood work and visited lots of different doctors’ offices. Dr. Sheehan looked at every aspect of my health and lifestyle and that’s what made the difference. My old doctor never questioned my diet, which was very important in my case. Now since I’ve been on the Nutritional Therapy Program I’m 100% better.

E.M., Lancaster


“Before coming in to see Dr. Keith I just did not feel good for quite some time. Lots of stress at work and with my family. And a medication I was taking for my dental surgery was giving me bloating, pain, and fatigue. I felt foggy in my head. I felt like I was just dragging myself around. Since being treated by Dr. Keith my energy level has really gone up. I go to exercise classes and walk every day. I get to go to all my grandkids games. I feel like going out with my friends. I feel happy once again. And best of all my mind is clear. I’m learning to eat better and healthier. I’m happy to have found Dr. Keith and his pleasant staff.”

K.D., Columbia


“I was having considerable trouble with congestion in my nose, throat, and lungs. I was also having trouble with frequent coughing. These problems were significant and seemed to be getting worse. After one week after starting the diet and supplements Dr. Sheehan prescribed, my congestion and coughing are vastly improved and have stayed improved.”

J.S., Lancaster


“My shoulder pain was so bad that the best I could hope for on a scale from 1-10 would be a five. The worst was ten. These days I was on the floor vomiting. I was grouchy and not eating or exercising because of the pain. I had gone to my family doctor, two chiropractors, a surgeon, and a physical therapist, with no help. When I started the Nutritional Wellness Program I really did not expect any change but after 1 day on the program I was BETTER, my pain level dropped way down, I mean down to a ONE! I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is true. I’m happy and the pain is almost completely gone. When I tell people about Dr. Sheehan a lot of them think I’m nuts, but I can tell you it worked a miracle for me, and I will tell anyone about Dr. Sheehan.”

R.L., Lancaster


“After four months of taking numerous prescribed medicines for chronic hives, I wanted to try an alternative approach. After taking the supplements and following the diet at Sheehan Chiropractic, my hives were completely gone in two weeks and three months later, I feel much better. My energy has returned, I don’t need eye drops to relieve dry eye as I did for years. I know the supplements are helping my entire system.”

B.E., York

Sinus and Bowel Issues

“Before coming to see Dr. Sheehan I had a sinus infection and a sore throat. I also had frequent bowel movements from having bowel surgery. I also suffered from fatigue. After seeing Dr. Sheehan, my sinuses have improved. I have less frequent bowel movements and I have more energy!”

R.B., Manheim