About Us

Entrance to Sheehan Natural Health

Welcome to Sheehan Natural Health! Your friendly, neighborhood holistic doctors!

We are a team of natural health practitioners in the Lancaster, PA area specializing in holistic care since 1997.

We help patients feel better by using Nutrition Response Testingsm,  Applied Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic Care, and Massage Therapy to address the nutritional deficiencies and organ dysfunctions that cause disease.  Our practice strongly believes the body is designed to heal itself.

From our years of practice, we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your health needs. We work to find an individualized solution for your specific case and health needs. Our personal approach to care lets us literally see miracles. Never underestimate how powerful natural therapies are!

Find out what is interfering with your body’s healing and what to do about it! Make an appointment with your Holistic Natural Doctor, Dr. Keith Sheehan, today!

Our mission

We strive to guide you to a pain-free life of vibrant wellness, so you can live the life you want..and be there for those you care about the most using chiropractic care, nutrition response testing, and the whole food philosophy.

Our values

  1. Vision– We value helping others as our primary purpose.
  2. Trust– We value honesty and integrity. We work to communicate transparently.
  3. Family– We want to create an environment where every person and employee is treated like family.
  4. Attitude– We embody positivity, fun, love, help and encouragement.
  5. Growth– We pursue knowledge, personal, and  professional growth continuously.
  6. Forward thinking– Our team encourages innovation through collaboration of its team members. We stay open to each other’s ideas and are aware of other individuals in the process.
  7. Coachable- We are teachable, coachable and managable, checking our egos at the door.
  8. Performance- We work to be a goal-oriented and effective team.
  9. Efficiency– Our office is professional, organized, and efficient.
  10. Health- We are health conscious and practice a healthy lifestyle in our own lives.