Q: I want to lose weight. What is the best system out there?

A: Whenever someone comes into my office wanting to lose weight, I always ask myself “What made this person gain weight in the first place?” The answer is always “Hormonal imbalances!” I go to work right away to see where their hormonal imbalances are so that they can be balanced. I start off with a Body Type questionnaire, which tells me what hormonal weakness tendencies they have. Then I look at their diet, to see if they may be secreting too much of their primary fat storage hormone, insulin. I then run and HRV on the person to see if they have too much stress on their nervous system, which will prompt the body to secrete the hormone Cortisol, which inhibits all of the fat burning hormones. Finally, I test the person using Kinesiology, which will show me what accessory weakness the person has in their metabolism which will sabotage their fat loss efforts. As you can see, balancing the hormones in the system is key for weight loss. I then put together a diet, exercise, and supplementation program for the person based on their unique hormonal needs. For more information, see my website article under the members section.