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Last night Dr. Sheehan gave a talk entitled “Lyme Disease: What it is, and What it isn’t” at the Holistic Nurse’s Association. Soon I will be posting the presentation as a YouTube video, but the gist of his talk is that the whole health picture needs to be handled in chronic disease, many other conditions can mimic Lyme Disease, and one must know what one is dealing with and not just treat Lyme while ignoring general health.
Case in point, Metabolic Syndrome, an early stage of dysregulated sugar metabolism. This condition has been increasing steadily in this country over the past three decades, and about one third of people had the condition in 2012.Metabolic Syndrome causes inflammation and will continue to develop into diabetes in a large percentage of cases.
Here are some clinical manifestations of Metabolic Syndrome: mental sluggishnessjoint painfatigue, muscle weakness, loss of motivation and drive, dizziness, weight gain or obesity, dizziness, PCOS, mild depression, craving for sugar or stimulants, and raised cholesterol.
And here are some symptoms of persistent (chronic) Lyme Disease: fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, other pain, sleep issues, cognitive issues, neuropathy, depression, heart issues, and headaches.2
See any similarities?
Metabolic Syndrome is very common. It is also relatively easy to help. Most people with Metabolic Syndrome benefit from cutting sugar intake and getting more exercise, which will increase sugar sensitivity. In some cases there are other factors at play for which you must consult a professional, but you can’t go wrong with sticking to the basics.
So how do you know if you might have Metabolic Syndrome?
Look at the following chart (image courtesy of
Talk to your health care professional about the results. There are definitely steps you can take to prevent and reverse the condition.
Yours in superlative health,
Laura Sheehan
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