Metabolic Syndrome Research Trial

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Do you have Diabetes Type II?

Have you been told you are Pre-Diabetic?

If so, you may qualify to participate in a research study examining the effect

of a wholistic diet/exercise/lifestyle approach on your laboratory markers for diabetes. 

Who we are:

We are an independent natural health office located in Lancaster, PA. Our clinicians have over 30 years of combined experience helping people naturally with all kinds of health problems. 


Why we are doing this:

Diabetes Type II, pre-diabetes, and metabolic disorders are a growing epidemic, currently estimated to affect over 30% of Americans. These disorders are associated with all the major causes of suffering and death in our country: heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, neuropathy, autoimmune disease, and even arthritis. Drug therapies are only able to manage the disease, have serious side effects, and do not reverse it. Quite honestly, this in not good enough. In our experience treating hundreds of people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and metabolic disorders, we believe we have found a safe, natural way to handle these cases without the use of drugs or surgery, that offers a viable alternative to the conventional model of treating the disease. The surprising nature of this finding is it is not hard to do. We are looking for individuals to participate in this research project with us so we can get some cold, hard data (not just case studies) on the results of our methodology.


What it is:

This is a 6-week research study to investigate the results of our natural diabetes/pre-diabetes/metabolic disorders method. 


What you will have to do:

You will have to agree to follow a 6-week diet, supplementation, exercise, and stress-reduction plan. You are responsible for the cost of the required laboratory testing ($220 out of pocket, or can be ordered through your primary care physician), and the cost of nutritional supplements. The supplements are tailored to your body’s specific needs, so the cost can vary, but in general the cost should not exceed $600 for the products needed for the 6-week program.


What we are covering:

We are subsidizing the expenses to run the program and pay our staff to see you for your intake and follow-up visits which includes nutritional analysis and counseling. That means there is no charge to you for these services. 

Yes, we realize it is not free to participate in the study. Perhaps someday there will be ample research funds to explore the efficacy of natural therapies. We are trying to put these natural therapies on the map so more people might have access to them, and more qualified health practitioners are trained to use them. You will be helping us in our mission to bring good health and ease the needless suffering many are currently facing.


What do you have to do to qualify?

If this sounds interesting and you would like to apply to participate in our study, please fill out the form below by answering the questions. We will contact you with the next steps. 


What is the deadline for participating?

The deadline for applying to this research project is June 1st, 2019.

Fill out the form below to see if you qualify!