Q. Dear Dr. Sheehan I know from the past, that You are the best, at curing neck problems. Now I have another problem. I have a bad, ugly, sore itchy rash on my hands and wrists. The doctor says- contact dermatitis. After 3 rounds of steroids, and antibiotics, (poison) it keeps coming back. Now they want to send me to a dermatologist- no health care- no faith-no way! I know that I am allergic to something that I am touching, I use my hands to work- Do You have any thoughts? I have upped my vitamins, and supplements, but I need HELP!!!

A. For something like this, I would use muscle testing to find out what exact thing was causing the irritation, and counter the weakness with things that would counteract the negative effects of whatever chemical I found it was. For example, if it was some kind of bleach, I would find out what organ was primarily affected, give you a remedy for that, then find out what essential fatty acid would help alleviate the irritation of the skin involved. It’s really quite simple. Good question.