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Welcome to Sheehan Natural Health Improvement Center! Remember when doctors believed that healing was possible? Remember when doctors had time to talk to their patients? Remember when doctors actually used their hands to heal their patients? This is no longer just in the past, this is the day to day reality at our clinic! We offer the health care of the future using cutting-edge discoveries and time-honored healing traditions. We have a vested interest in getting you well, not keeping you sick as is sadly now occurring in modern conventional health care.
Dr. Sheehan started out in natural health care because he had to take matters into his own hands to heal himself – nobody could tell him what was wrong with him! Read Dr. Sheehan’s personal story here. It wasn’t until Dr. Sheehan became determined to heal himself naturally that he finally began to get better.

What got him better was Nutrition Response TestingSM, a new technique that allows the doctor to assess the real cause of symptoms, and not just suppress them like modern drug therapy. Combined with Designed Clinical Nutrition to address the nutritional deficiencies and organ dysfunctions that are keeping you sick, powerful healing occurs. It’s amazing what happens when you remove the barriers to healing – the body heals! This happens over and over at our clinic – and it will happen for you.

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