What is the Healthiest Diet?

If you have been a patient of ours, you probably know there are many dietary strategies that can work very well to get you healthier and feeling better. The best diets out there minimize or eliminate processed foods and stress regular meals of whole, natural foods (preferably home-cooked). In our office, the diet below has proved to be the best diet for overall health.

One diet plan that is a proven winner is the Page Diet. Dr. Melvin Page was a dentist in the middle part of the last century. Like many dentists of his time, he was alarmed at the deterioration of oral health and the state of people’s teeth. He noticed people were suffering from increasing dental decay in the form of cavities and gum disease. This observation caused him to start studying nutrition. At his laboratory, he studied the relationship between blood chemistry and diet to oral health. He developed the Page Diet to balance blood chemistry, and as a result, oral health (and many other illnesses) also improved.

The Page Diet is a diet developed by Dr. Page in the 40’s and 50’s to balance blood chemistry (yes, that’s 80 years ago!).

You may notice the Page Diet is a lot like the Paleo Diet, just waaaay ahead of its time.

The Page Diet Plan balances blood sugar, provides vital nutrients, encourages a healthy weight, and balances hormones. There are two phases to the Page diet, Page I, and Phase II. You can read more about the Page Diet from the link below:

So, which phase should you do?

Do Page Phase I if you have severe blood sugar issues, either prediabetes or diabetes. Dr. Sheehan says that if your HOMA-IR is >3, you should start with Page Phase I.

Click here to read more about HOMA-IR and how to know what yours is:

If your HOMA-IR is < 3, then the Page Diet Phase II will be best.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about this fantastic Diet Plan!

And for some great recipes, check here:


I can’t wait to try the grain-free Stromboli!

Sincerely, and in Health,

Laura Sheehan