Autoimmune Issues and Inflammation

Q: Dr. Sheehan, I feel really “swollen” lately, like I have inflamation throughout my body. I have RA which I am told could be producing this feeling. What else could be doing this and how do I get rid of it!? I feel “puffy” all the time!!! PS… I am watching my intake of carbs, gluten and dairy and still feel yucky.

Thanks, Kathy

A: In my experience, people with a serious autoimmune condition always have gluten and dairy allergies, as well as intolerances to sugar and soy.  That being said, why do they not always heal when they take these out of their diets?  The answer is simple, that’s not the only thing off in their body!  Often, these people also have damage to the digestive tract from smoldering infections, especially yeast.  They also have poor absorption of nutrients due to smoldering infections.  People with autoimmune diseases are often deficient in Vitamins B and D,  iodine, and omega 3 fatty acids among other things.  Not to mention, did anyone ever notice that autoimmune diseases are more prevalent in women than men, in a  3:1 ratio?  Some of the autoimmune diseases have an even higher ratio!  Why is this?  Because all of these deficiencies cause hormonal imbalances.  To summarize, there are steps to balancing an autoimmune disease, and get relief.

  1. Eliminate food allergies
  2. Handle nutrient and fatty acid deficiencies
  3. Balance hormonal ratios
  4. Heal the digestive tractIf all of these steps are followed, 80-90% of all autoimmune diseases will normalize.

Good Luck!
Dr. Keith

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