There are many advantages of Nutrition Response Testing when it comes to helping your health naturally. I love Nutrition Response Testing. I got started on a nutrition program with Dr. Sheehan back in 1998 and didn’t look back!  You can watch my story here. Since that time I have used nutrition to help myself instead of medicine. Without Nutrition Response Testing, I definitely would have been on steroids, thyroid medication, at least one or two different psych meds, and may even have been working on a nice auto-immune disease by now. So I REALLY love nutrition. With nutrition I can support my body in a healthy way, prevent all kinds of problems, and when something does get out of whack I can fix it before it goes broke! So of course I wanted to be able to offer this to others.

Here are 5 Advantages of being on a  Nutrition Response Testing program:

  1. There is no other way to definitively find and fix your nutritional deficiencies. With Nutrition Response Testing we don’t guess. “Hmmm, maybe you need Vitamin C or maybe it’s Iron? Or B vitamins?” We don’t try a “shotgun approach” hoping to hit the target. We test it instead. Also no need for a protocol approach. “Well, let’s try this for three months and if that doesn’t work we’ll try this other protocol for six months.” Who has time for that! With Nutrition Response Testing we identify the exact set of deficiencies right away and efficiently set out to correct it with the proper nutritional support.
  2. We address the barriers to healing.  Did you ever start a vitamin or a medicine that seemed like it should be the exact right thing, but you failed to respond at all? There may have been some barriers to healing at work. The body wants to heal. In fact, it HAS TO heal. It’s how these bodies were made. So why don’t we heal sometimes? It’s because of barriers: toxic stress on the body, detoxification failure from environmental poisons, a weak or bogged down immune system, food sensitivities, and yes, even scar interference can all slow or stop the healing process altogether. Through Nutrition Response Testing we find the barriers to healing, put out the fires that have been keeping the body sick, so then you can finally regenerate and heal.
  3. Our therapies are all natural. And they WORK. Do you ever worry about side effects? Well you don’t have to worry with whole food vitamins. They are made from food and herbs artfully selected from nature’s pharmacopeia. (PHARMACOPEIA – noun. An authoritative book containing a list of medicinal drugs with their uses, preparation, dosages, formulas, etc.) These supplements can be used with young and old alike, for people who already have a diagnosis or disease, or are taking medications. Best of all, they are effective, and selected specifically for you!
  4. Nutrition can handle 70-90% of all health problems. If you could do something natural and healthy to fix your health problems, instead of using drug therapies with potentially dangerous side effects, would you? You would? Well, why aren’t you doing it? Perhaps you just don’t really believe that natural health care is powerful enough, or can help your specific case. That’s okay, we’re sort of taught to believe that drugs and surgery are the only answers, but it’s not so–thankfully. I’m here to tell you that 70-90% of all health problems are caused by nutritional deficiencies and resulting organ dysfunctions, and that a Nutrition Response Testing program will get you through to the other side – and fulfill your health potential!
  5. Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners give you the individual time and attention you need to get better. I know quite a few docs – chiropractors, acupuncturists, nurses, and even medical doctors – who practice Nutrition Response Testing. When I listen to them talk about why they sought out this system, they say they wanted to do something that would actually help people get well (instead of just “managing a disease” or “controlling pain”). These people are very dedicated to helping their patients – and will do what it takes for those who have a sincere desire to get well.

I can think of many other advantages to being on a Nutrition Response Testing program. It’s easy to do, it’s inexpensive compared to other systems, it’s great for prevention… Hey – here’s another one – we’re right in your backyard, in Lancaster, PA, at Sheehan Natural Health Improvement Center! It’s not like the only place to go is in Mexico or California or something. So now there’s no excuse–call us and sign up for our next New Patient Day to learn more! (717) 392-6606.

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