I’m reposting this Immune System Protocol from the Wellness Library because it’s so timely!

By Dr. Keith Sheehan

Lately, lots of patients have been asking me, “what do I take when I’m sick?”  The correct answer, of course is “we test you, then tell you what your body wants, and you get better quickly.”  However, when you’re getting sick, time is of the essence.  When you first start to feel symptoms, the bacteria or virus that is making you sick is actually at a very low count.  However, that viral/bacterial count tends to increase exponentially, and by the time people get here to get tested, they’ve got a full blown cold or flu.  So follow this immune system protocol–and start taking these supplements while you’re driving to the office to get properly tested :).

These are supplements that everyone should have in abundance at home (have a big bottle of each), and take at the very first sign of illness. Do not wait until you are “sick”!  Take them when you think “I wonder if I’m coming down with something?”  By the time you think “I’m sick”, it’s too late.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! A stitch in time saves nine!  And so on…

Congaplex-This is the most broad based immune system support.  It supports your body in fighting bacteria and viruses alike.  Take 2 every half hour until you feel all better, then take 6/day for 2 weeks to rebuild your immune system.
Antronex-This doubles your liver’s filtration rate, so that your body rapidly cleans out the debris that you make when you kill off bacteria and viruses. It basically makes you feel better faster.  Take 2 every half hour until you feel all better, then take 6/day for 2 weeks to rebuild you immune system.

Both of these supplements are water soluble, so taking little bits every ½ hour is vastly more effective than taking handfuls of them infrequently.  Keep a large bottle of each at home instead of waiting until you’re coming down with something to pick them up.