Laura Sheehan’s Story: My Life in Holistic Health Care

Laura Sheehan’s Story: My Life in Holistic Health Care

Meet Laura Sheehan, an accomplished Nutrition Response Testing™ practitioner with a Master’s in Applied Clinical Nutrition. She happens to be married to the brilliant Dr. Keith Sheehan, the proud owner of Sheehan Natural Health Improvement Center. For a remarkable 20 years, Laura has dedicated herself to running this exceptional practice, tirelessly working alongside her husband to revolutionize people’s well-being. Today, she graciously shares her personal journey in the world of holistic healthcare, where she has left an indelible mark.

My Introduction to Holistic Health Care


When I was twenty-three, I joined a yoga studio and began practicing regularly. This is where I met Dr. Keith Sheehan. He had just graduated from chiropractic school and had opened up a clinic behind the yoga studio where I practiced. He even came to some classes at the beginning. I can remember thinking, “wow, that big guy is pretty flexible!”

After a time, I decided to call him and become a patient because of my neck. I had been rear-ended in college. I did not however make the connection when soon afterward my entire spine became stiff and sore and began to pop and crack. Only much later would I learn the accident caused my back and neck problems. But I did know there was something wrong with my spine, especially my neck, and I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I wanted to give it a shot.

After the first treatment, I was hooked. My neck felt so much better! The pain and weird popping were reduced immediately by 75% and continued to improve. But that was not my only health issue.

Since my senior year in college I had been suffering with severe, alternating urinary tract infections and yeast infections. I suffered terribly with them. If you’ve ever had this problem, you know there is no relief for it. I would go to the doctor and get one kind of medication for one problem, and then the other problem would come back full force. Then the medication for that problem would cause the other problem to start. It was agonizing, and very frustrating.


My Holistic Health Researching Phase


I began dabbling in herbalism and homeopathy to try to help myself. I would read whatever I could on the subject and try to randomly apply what I learned to my problem. Parsley tea is good for the kidneys! Ok, let me try to drink a gallon of it. The only problem was, it upset my stomach terribly and caused lots of nausea! Same with unsweetened cranberry juice. I drank a whole liter at once –good for the bladder. I became feverish and was out of commission for a day.

Herbs, homeopathic remedies, supplements, nothing I tried seemed to help me. The only success I had during this time was cutting sugar out of my diet—the first of many times I would do so—it cured my plantar warts. They just went away over the course of about four months. If only I had known that in junior high!

The weird thing was, I never gave up on natural health care. I knew instinctively that it worked, I just didn’t have the know-how to get it to work for me. When I was 20 I told my mom to go get acupuncture for her painful hand and thumb. She was a mail carrier and opening mailboxes along country roads all day was taking its toll. Instead getting another hand surgery (she had already had two or three) she followed my advice.

Five acupuncture treatments later, she was cured. It has been over 20 years, and she has not had a recurrence of that problem. Talk about effective!


The Road to Greater Health!


So when Dr. Sheehan told me he had a natural health solution to my chronic infections, I was incredibly optimistic. Immediately I began to see him weekly for “health-checks.” He pushed on my arm and tested some points on my body that corresponded to a poster he had up in his treatment room. It was weird stuff, the likes of which I had never before seen. And I thought I was well-versed in natural health care!

Well I wasn’t one to really care what it was or how weird it was because it worked. He told me I had an immune system problem, gave me some herbal drops (which I took religiously), and I improved week by week until, two months later, I was completely better. No recurrence of my chronic painful symptoms in the almost 20 years since. Again, effective!

I knew at that time that this would be my health care. I didn’t know what the technique was or really what to call it. I found out there were different names and different doctors who practiced widely varying techniques like Dr. Sheehan all over the country. In 2000, Dr. Sheehan attended a lecture/seminar with a chiropractor named Freddie Ulan. Dr. Freddie, I found out later, was working hard on standardizing the system I witnessed Dr. Sheehan using in his office, to make it more widely applicable—not just dependent on the talent of one or two lonely mavericks.

Dr. Sheehan studied Dr. Freddie’s work closely, and I—who had begun working in Dr. Sheehan’s office—noticed that he was getting better and more consistent results with patients. This is because of some key components of Dr. Freddie’s system that were not found in earlier systems. It was so exciting to be part of Dr. Sheehan’s practice during that time. He was learning better and better ways to help people and fulfil the role he had been called to – to help sick people get well safely and naturally.


My Life Changed Forever


During this time, Dr. Sheehan and I fell in love and got married. If two people were ever meant to be together, it’s us. We share the same purpose and complement each other in every way. I owe a great debt to him for many reasons.

I also owe a debt to Dr. Freddie. He is working tirelessly to advance the profession of natural healing. He has developed the technique of Nutrition Response Testing®, and has trained hundreds of doctors and health practitioners nationwide to get amazing and consistent results with patients. Without Dr. Freddie’s training, I would not have been able to practice nutritional therapy. But now I am a trained Nutrition Response Testing® practitioner and I witness miracles every day in my practice.

Thanks to Dr. Keith Sheehan and Dr. Freddie Ulan I have been able to fulfil my life’s purpose – to get sick people well safely and naturally without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery.

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