Q. My girlfriend is having some issues with her skin. She did a spit test in water that she found online and believes that she has candida. We also believe that she has some sort of hormonal or nutritional imbalance. she can at times have some serious mood swings and anger issues but she is also depressed fairly often. she has also overcome anorexia several years ago however maybe that could have contributed to a hormonal or nutritional imbalance. she is 24 years old. she started out with mild acne but now her skin has become thick and dry on her forehead and has a scaly appearance. She has also become a victim of some sort of vitiligo mostly on her legs but also some other areas on her body. We need some serious help to get her body straightened out because it is really starting to take over her life. she has no idea what she should or shouldn’t eat for her problems as well as weather she should or shouldn’t take supplements let alone what supplements to take. she is regularly stressed out which i am sure contributes to her problems. I am not sure how much information you need to help us out or if you have any suggestions of where to start. If you have a location that you suggest she get her levels checked out to have you help her all help is appreciated. She does not have any health insurance and she does not have a regular doctor she goes to. We really need to move forward and do something about her problems because they proceed to get worse and she will not go to a standard doctor. she is much more into the natural therapy. maybe just getting her nutrition right for her body would be enough I’m not sure. if you could get back to me with any information or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. We really need help to solve these issues. thank you so much for any and all help. we greatly appreciate it.

A. First of all, I commend you for reaching out about this difficult issue. It is common that people have these sorts of health problems and do not know where to turn for help. She has problems that will not get better and will surely get worse unless she gets the proper help. If she is willing to make some changes, there is hope, and I can help. Her case sounds too complex to give any advice in this forum, and I do not want to guess about the cause. I can say, however, that my wife had very similar problems back when I first met her but they have all cleared up once I provided her with the correct therapeutic nutritional program for her system. I have helped many others with similary problems as well. The best way to get started is to come to one of our health talks to learn more about nutritional therapy. If she is interested in coming to a health talk, have her call the office–the current schedule is on our site here. Thank you again and I wish you both the best of health.

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