As you’re reading this article, about half of the women (and girls!) in America are struggling to lose weight by following diet after diet that just doesn’t work. It’s no wonder that diet and weight loss products are a $40 billion a year industry. But even with all this time and money invested in weight loss, a staggering 65% of Americans are significantly overweight. What’s going wrong?

The solution to weight loss is not going to be found by looking around for the newest fad diet, miracle pill or 5-minute exercise gimmick. You have to look within your own body to unlock the secrets to how you can lose weight quickly and effectively without compromising your health!

Through years of experience of helping people lose weight, what I’ve learned is that people who are overweight are struggling with an underlying metabolic or hormonal imbalance that is preventing weight loss. Most people are not even aware of these imbalances. All they know is that no matter what they do, the excess weight doesn’t budge. Many people have seen doctor after doctor, had countless blood tests, and have always been told the same thing – “Nothing seems to be wrong…everything looks just fine.”

At my office, we take the time to understand how your unique body works. We use symptom questionnaires, non-invasive hormonal testing, and kinesiology to uncover your individual biochemical and hormonal imbalances. Often times there are even hidden food allergies and intolerances that are making the struggle to lose weight even more difficult.

Once we understand how your body works, we can then work together to develop a plan to suit your unique needs. We educate you about what strategy will work best for your metabolism – what foods to eat, what type of exercise will maximize fat loss and how often you should be resting to restore your body. We give you the tools to take your health into your own hands and teach you how to lose weight (and inches!) quickly, easily and effectively while maximizing – not compromising – your health.