Last Sunday night I awoke at about 1 AM with an uncomfortable sensation of nausea. You can imagine the ensuing gastric event – not a pretty sight. I was sick for three hours. It was as if my body was saying, “you are going to purge – NOW,” and saying it repeatedly. It must have been food poisoning. I woke up my poor husband and he was very helpful as I writhed around groaning, trying to escape the horrible sensation. There is nothing I hate worse than nausea. Of all of the unpleasant body sensations I have experienced, I would rather be almost anything than sick – except perhaps electrocuted. It’s the worst. You can’t get away from it. And just when you think it’s finally over, another round hits you. Okay, okay, so you get the picture. After about three hours the vomiting stopped and I was able to rest. But only for two hours until it was time to get up! Life is so unfair.

So what caused this mystery sickness? I wasn’t feverish when I went to bed. I didn’t have any cold or flu symptoms. I had no clue that I might be sick overnight. I had eaten in a restaurant for lunch the day before – perhaps that was it. Was it food poisoning from the meatloaf? Well, I’m still not sure exactly what it was. But I sure am glad I knew what to do about it.

Granted, there was not much to do until the sickness began to abate. As soon as I felt like I might be able to keep something down, I took 5 choline and 5 cholacol II. These are Standard Process supplements that will support the body’s natural function of purging when a gut toxin is present. The choline will help promote bile production in the liver. Did you know bile your digestive system’s  natural anti-biotic? And the cholacol II will absorb the toxins so they don’t reabsorb. And yes, after the first time I took the supplements, they came back up an hour later. But not before there was some beneficial effect. So I took them again as soon as I could bring myself to do it. And I kept them down and they stayed down this time. Throughout the next day I took a small handful each time I thought about it. And I’m happy to say that now – four days out – I am pretty much all better and back to the way I was. And I didn’t miss any work! To me, being able to function is the most important thing.  Life happens, but you don’t have to go down for the count. Thanks to whole food nutrition, this food poisoning didn’t knock me out.

Food log

Sorry to say my food was all messed up the last few days. I really didn’t want to eat anything except for warm soup. So I’ll report back with a more normal food log on my next post 🙂

So I really hope nothing like this ever happens to you, and of course, yes, seek the advice of a qualified health professional before embarking on a supplement or nutrition program.

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