Spring is here and this year Dr. Sheehan and I have garden dreams. We are going to try to have an amazing garden. What better way to nourish ourselves well than to grow our own food? We are going to grow: tomatoes, eggplants, herbs, black radishes, zucchini, cucumber, squash, and peas. I also plan to have lots of beautiful marigolds, echinacea flowers, and bee balm to attract pollinators. Dr. Sheehan has already planted some seeds and tilled a couple of beds. He has been diligently watering every day!

I consider this year’s gardening undertaking to be an experiment. You do your best to put some seeds in the earth, protect them from the groundhog and the bunnies, and nurture them to fruition. I am inexperienced as a gardener. I just like to see how things go. Anything we get will be wonderful, right? I posted this picture of tomatoes from 2 years ago (long turned to salsa and digested away) for inspiration.

In the meantime, here are some interesting gardening resources I will be using to inspire my garden dreams:

How to make great compost

A good resource for organic and heirloom seeds

Locally owned hardware store for gardening supplies

Creating a great habitat for wildlife with your garden

Information on healthy soil and health

And of course, my food log:

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Breakfast: coffee with butter, salmon, butternut squash soup with cilantro

Lunch: leftover turkey meatloaf on lettuce with mustard, almonds, boiled apple with a sprinkling of dried blueberry and clove

Snack: PB meal bar

Supper: crab cakes at Belvedere, 1.5 rolls with butter, asparagus, 1 sidecar

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Breakfast: coffee with coconut oil, salmon, hazlenuts

Snack: chocolate mint fiber bar

Lunch: scrambled eggs with Canadian bacon, 3 almond flour banana blueberry muffins with lots of butter, salted caramel mate (hot tea)

Snack: raw milk with protein powder, another banana blueberry muffin

Supper: 3 paleo chocolate chip cookies, Sheehan stew with turkey and beef, radishes, cabbage, onion, plantain, and tomato sauce

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