Good Afternoon!
I’m taking a break from the Lyme disease “lecture” this week to talk about bone broth.
You have probably heard of bone broth and how great it is for health. Many people have talked about why it’s so great (you can read a very informative why-to article here). We are big believers in an ancestral approach to diet and health, and bone broth is a healthy tradition—it’s great that it’s being revived!
Now I want to tell you about my recent experience making bone broth.
Back in October Dr. Sheehan and I went to a seminar with holistic healer Dr. Lichuan Chen. Dr. Chen is a PhD cancer researcher (formerly) who now lectures on holistic health. Dr. Chen’s presentation was about the ketogenic diet.
Now, I’m not a keto devotee. I don’t think it’s right for everyone. But I would say I learned a lot at Dr. Chen’s lecture, and I especially loved the gourmet keto diet morsels that were being served to us periodically through the weekend by gourmet chef, Ron Borolla. Everything he prepared was delicious beyond description. I consider myself a foodie and I get very excited when I encounter new, incredible and healthy tastes.
One example was the chicken livers. Now I hate liver. I always have. My mom used to try
 to serve it but I couldn’t eat it unless it was smothered in ketchup. Now – no way—I wouldn’t even eat it with ketchup. Yuck! But his chicken liver pate!! Oh my goodness was it delicious. I still don’t have that recipe so it’s a mystery to me how he did it. One recipe I did get was the bone broth.
I had never tasted such delicious bone broth. He shared the recipe with us, so last week I tried it for myself.
I used some leftover marrow bones and soup bones I had from my beef order at Dutch Meadows last May. The recipe calls for seven pounds of bones!!
I’ll tell you more about exactly what I did and share the recipe with you next week.
In the meantime, you can enjoy a couple of pictures of yesterday evenings supper chez Sheehan: kale salad, pork sausage, mixed vegetables (from Lancaster Farm Fresh’s Winter CSA) and mashed sweet potatoes. Yum!!
Yours in superlative health,
Laura Sheehan