Let’s take a look at common symptoms of Lyme Disease side by side with different nutrient deficiencies:

Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms Water Deficiency (Dehydration)1,2 Vitamin D Deficiency3 Magnesium Deficiency4 B Vitamin Deficiency5
Fatigue Fatigue Fatigue Fatigue, Lethargy Weakness, Fatigue
Joint Pain Bone and Back Pain
Muscle Pain Back Pain Muscle Pain Muscle Cramps
Sleep Issues
Cognitive Confusion Memory Problems Brain fog, confusion, and memory problems
Neuropathy Neuropathy, Numbness and Tingling in Hands and Feet
Depression Depression Irritability, Anxiety Depression
Heart Related
Headaches Headaches
Other Symptoms:
Dizziness Frequent sickness Anorexia Premature Aging
Extreme Thirst Impaired Wound Healing Loss of Appetite Loss of Appetite and weight loss
Dark-Colored Urine Bone Loss Nausea, Vomiting Constipation
Hair loss Seizures Trouble balancing
Irregular or Rapid Heartbeat

Lots of similarities, huh?

There are two ways to rule out nutritional deficiencies: proper functional laboratory testing and Nutrition Response Testing. It’s best to compare both sets of findings.

When using laboratory testing, here is a starting point for what to look at:

Name of test Standard Laboratory Range Functional Range Low Nutrient Status
25 OH-D (Vitamin D) 30-100 ng/mL 35-60 ng/mL <35 ng/mL
Magnesium 1.6-2.6 mg/dL 2.0-2.6 mg/dL <2.0 mg/dL
Homocysteine (B12/B9) 0-15 umol/L <7 umol/L >7 umol/L
RDW (B12/B9) 12.3-15.4% <13% >13%
Methymalonic Acid (B12) 0-378 nmol/L <300 nmol/L >300 nmol/L

With Nutrition Response Testing, vitamins can be tested individually on the body and there are reflexes that correspond to different vitamins. In many cases a nutritional deficiency will show up as an organ stress/weakness and will make the body more susceptible to stressors and toxins, such as Lyme.

So, as you can see, nutritional deficiencies clearly mimic Lyme Disease, and must be properly ruled out in all cases of suspected Lyme.

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