The key to getting healthy is feeding yourself right. And the key to feeding yourself right is successful food prep.

And what is the key for successful food prep? You might be able to guess.

Why, planning ahead, of course!

There are many different ways to plan, but in general it is making sure you have the food you need when you need it, ahead of time.

For example, Dr. Sheehan makes a humongous shake every day so he has it to snack on throughout the day. I make 2-3 meals worth of food at one time so the next meal just needs to be heated up. Plus I cook from scratch, and it’s time consuming to do that three times a day! Once a day is more do-able. We also make sure we are always stocked on bananas and apples, nuts, seeds, and organic lunch meat or jerky for snacks.

Some people prep all their meals for the week on the weekend or day off.

If you like crock pot cooking (I do!) here is a great idea, with others like it easily searchable on the internet.

Other people are strategic about getting to the store or having healthy restaurant options available for something quick and easy.

So plan ahead, feed yourself right, and your body will repay you with abundant good health and happiness!


Here is my food journal for the last several days:

Saturday 2-20-16

6 AM: coffee with butter, ayurvedic breakfast (1 apple cut up and cooked with a little bit of raisins and clove)

8:30 AM: 2 cooked beets, chicken meat balls

1:00 PM: tuna salad on a salad with provolone from Pasquale’s

5:00 PM: salted mixed nuts, grass feed whey in water

8:00 PM: Indian food: a mango lassi (8 oz-OH NO IT HAD SUGAR), chick peas with onion, veggie samosa with chutneys, chicken

12:00 AM: 1 piece low-carb fudge, 1 stone dry angry orchard

Sunday 2-21-16

8:00 AM: coffee with butter

11:00 AM: banana fritter mash with beef protein, banana, eggs, pork rinds, and coconut milk

12:30 PM: black tea, pecans, herb tea

5:00 PM: whole milk Greek yogurt (1 cup), puffy carb snacks (gluten-free) dipped in hummus, sip of green juice

6:00 PM: chili beef stew with tomato and onion

Not bad for the weekend!

Monday 2-22-16

6 AM: coffee – black, ayurvedic breakfast

8:45 AM: mixed salted nuts, leftover beef stew

9:30 AM: herb tea

12:00 PM: PB meal bar

2:00 PM: 1 cup Greek yogurt (whole milk) with 1 scoop grass-fed whey protein, 2 mini cucumbers, hummus

3:00 PM: more nuts

Supper – ? Not sure yet, probably leftover beef stew.

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