It’s Not Just For Hunter-Gatherers

Camping is not always easy if you are trying to eat healthy. Most camp food is carbs, carbs, carbs! And more carbs. But this past weekend my mom and I went camping in her little motor home. So I tried to come prepared. I brought bacon and eggs for breakfast, because I thought that would be easy on her little stove (and it was). I also brought organic hot dogs for supper. They cooked up quite easily over the campfire on these cool skewers my mom bought at the camp store. But mom came up with the best idea: “chicken packets” to cook over the campfire coals. Here is the recipe:


3 chicken breasts, rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper

cut up vegetables: mushroom, tomato, onion, zucchini, green & red pepper, carrots, asparagus, or any other vegetable you like


Take a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil and put a chicken breast and a small pile of any vegetables you desire in the middle. Wrap up well, and then wrap with another piece of aluminum foil.

Meanwhile, build a campfire. Let the fire burn down to hot coals. When the coals are ready, put the chicken packets on the coals. Turn every 5 or so minutes, until the chicken is cooked through, about 20 minutes. They were delicious!

For dessert, we made “Paleo Banana Boats”. Take a banana, cut a slit on one side, and scoop out the contents. Mush the banana up in a separate bowl with some fresh strawberries and blueberries, then refill the banana boat with this mush. They will be rather full. Wrap twice in aluminum foil and put on the hot coals. 10 minutes should do it. Add a sweetener if you must, I enjoyed just plain!

So our camping trip was a success, and I’d say it was thanks to mom thinking ahead as to how she would feed me, since I eat only healthy food (for the most part). She did a great job! Thanks, mom!

By way of food journals, I am introducing the “Guest Food Journal” section of my blog. Our patient D. has been handing in exemplary food journals and she kindly gave me permission to share. She is also doing much better from her asthma and allergies, and is off her prescribed medications! Way to go, D.! 🙂

Saturday, 5/23/15

6:30 AM: 2 eggs, ground beef, spinach and ghee, coffee with cream

1:00 PM: chicken breast, bacon, provolone cheese and sweet potato fried (dined out)

Mid-Day Snack: 20 oz. sugar free vanilla latte

8:00 PM: Indian Restaurant: lamb biryani, rice, lamb, raisins, cashews, spices

Evening snack: decaf coffee with cream

Sunday, 5/24/15

7:00 AM: 2 eggs, spinach, ghee, coffee with cream

11:30 AM (at a restaurant): 3 egg omlette with tomatoes, sautéed onions, sharp cheddar, potatoes and herbs, one slice of gluten-free toast, water, coffee with cream

2:45 PM: blueberries

5:30 PM: 90% lean ground beef with sautéed onion, sunflower crunch salad and radishes, coconut oil, decaf coffee with cream

9:30 PM: 72% cacao dark chocolate

Monday, 5/25/15

7:15 AM: 2 eggs, ground beef, spinach, onion, ghee, coconut oil, coffee with cream

10:45 AM: blueberries

1:00 PM: ground beef, radishes, onions, sunflower crunch salad, coconut oil, coffee with cream and vanilla almond milk

3:30 PM: green olives and raw cashews

6:30 PM: ground turkey, sautéed onions and zucchini, watermelon, coconut oil

9:00 PM: grapes

Tuesday, 5/26/15

6:00 AM: 2 eggs, ground beef, spinach, sautéed onions, ghee, coffee with cream and almond creamer

Mid-Morning: raw cashews

1:00 PM: ground beef, hard-boiled egg, sunflower crunch salad, onions and coconut oil, grapes

2:30 PM: Dark chocolate, 72% cacao

7:30 PM: ground turkey, hard-boiled egg, sautéed onions and zucchini, radishes, 3 prunes, coconut oil

9:00 PM: radishes