PCOS – All-Natural Herbal Support

When Amy came into my office on 07/10/04, she complained of the typical PCOS symptoms – irregular periods, hair growth on the face, blood-sugar problems, depression, and weight gain. Other women may also suffer from infertility. Amy had been diagnosed with PCOS in 1984 and had been treated medically for this condition.

Like nearly every woman suffering from PCOS, examination of Amy revealed she would greatly benefit from support for her adrenal glands, liver and gallbladder, and female hormonal balance (support for proper Estrogen/Progesterone ratios as well as FSH, LH, and Testosterone levels). To aid in the support of these hormonal systems, I chose to employ a powerful proprietary blend of both American and traditional Chinese herbs.
Amy’s diet also needed a serious overhaul in order to help her with her blood-sugar instabilities.

Like the majority of patients here at Sheehan Chiropractic, Amy noticed subtle changes very shortly after getting the support her body needed. The main thing she noticed was that her cycle quickly stabilized and her period became regular- something that had never previously happened for her. She also noticed that her mood slowly improved.

Since Amy came into my office, other patients with PCOS have benefited from this proprietary blend of herbs. This blend is not a treatment for PCOS, but acts instead to balance the female hormonal system (and it is common sense that balancing the system will help symptoms). These women have also noticed improvements in sleep quality, major decreases in the occurrence and severity acne, stabilization and elevation of their moods, and even increased fertility.

Infertility – Why is it on the rise?

A number of hormonally related diseases are on the rise, infertility being only one of them. One question we never seem to ask is “why?” Why do we have such an epidemic of health issues today? Why are many of these issues difficult, if not impossible, to treat with today’s battery of prescription medicines and invasive procedures?

If we look at female hormonal health from a more holistic or “whole body” approach, we find that the key to allaying disease is not in treating disease at all, but in looking at what is going on with a person’s whole body in order to help them reach their maximum level of health.

Are you toxic? Do you have food allergies? Do you have a weak immune system? Do you feel your energy reserves are low or depleted? Do you have any chemical and/or metal sensitivities? Is your digestive system functioning up to par? Theses are just a few of the questions we ask and address here at Sheehan Chiropractic in order to help you realize your optimal health.

At this point, you may be thinking, “just what does all this have to do with my fertility?” However, if you begin to look at your body holistically, you may then realize that reproduction is a secondary action of the body – only able to successfully happen if all other organs and systems of the body are working adequately and healthy enough to support a growing fetus. As you can now see, the body, in its infinite wisdom has the means to look out for its young without any input from your conscious mind.

At Sheehan Chiropractic, we have seen many patients pass through our doors who initially indicated that they were unable to conceive. I am happy and grateful to say that many of these women, after putting my nutritional recommendations into practice and committing to my program, were able to successfully conceive.

In conclusion, with infertility, as with 90% of chronic health issues, the best approach is a simple nutritional wellness program designed to get the body healthy and keep it healthy.

Dr. Keith Sheehan is a Chiropractor and Holistic Practitioner practicing at 1301 East King Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Dr. Sheehan has had 15 years experience helping his clients with a wide variety of physical and biochemical conditions, using an individually tailored wellness approach and natural therapies. His clients appreciate his caring and direct approach his helpful, knowledgeable staff. To schedule a nutritional or chiropractic assessment, or for more information, please contact Dr. Sheehan at (717) 392-6606.

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