How to raise testosterone naturally

Everyone is talking about “Low T” these days. It seems like everyone is being treated for it. Last year, I decided to take a blood test for it, and guess what, I came up with borderline low T! I was experiencing low initiative, increased body fat around my belly, weight gain, and impaired immunity. So I did my research, and decided to raise my testosterone naturally, without drugs (drugs will shut down your own testosterone production, and can also raise estrogen, no thank you!). I’m happy to say, this year I had my levels retested, and my testosterone is back to that of a teenager. I was showing my lab tests to everyone in the office, but they gave me weird looks, so instead, I decided to do a video about it!
By the way, here are some of the symptoms of Low T. I didn’t experience most of them, and neither will you. But if you know there is something off, get it checked! My first test was a blood test, my second one was salivary test by Diagnos-Techs, and I liked the salivary one better. It was more thorough and cheaper. If you want one of these, just call my office to order one.



    1. 1. Depression-I had this. So many men have this, and Low T is a big factor with it (besides student loans).


    1. 2. Prostate enlargement


    1. 3. Low Libido


    1. 4. Erectile Dysfunction (and performance)


    1. 5. Muscle Loss (loss of muscle mass)-I had this one, even though I was lifting weights. I was weaker than ever, it was very disheartening.


    1. 6. Breast tissue (man boobs)


    1. 7. High voice


    1. 8. Loss of body hair (starting in lower legs)-I still have this one, and have had it for about 20 years.


    1. 9. Loss of vitality and energy-yup, I didn’t want to do anything.


    1. 10. Sleeping problems-big time, about one out of 7 days per week I would sleep well, one out of 7 days I would get 2 hours of sleep at night, and the other 5 days were crap shoots.


    1. 11. Belly fat-yup, I’m still working on this one, but it’s going!


    1. 12. Loss of collagen

Here are some common causes of Low testosterone:

    1. High estrogen-this is in non-organic food, especially commercial chicken, fish, and beef. Must be free range chicken, grass fed beef, and wild caught fish. Alcohol is also very estrogenic.
    2. Liver damage-either in the form of fatty liver from too many carbs, or liver damage from alcohol, or infection
    3. High insulin-once again from too many carbs
    4. Low fat diets
    5. Medications-statins, high blood pressure meds and diabetic medications cause the biggest problems here in men
    6. Tap water-tap water has all sorts of chemicals in it which are estrogen mimickers, and testosterone blockers-most filters will get rid of this garbage
    7. High aromatase (enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen)-produced by the adrenals and the testes. Stinging Nettle and Zinc will inhibit aromatase.

Here’s how to fix Low T naturally:

    1. 1. Increase Growth Hormone (GH)


    1. a. protein (3-6 ounces)


    1. b. sleep


    1. c. intermittent fasting


    d. Intense full body exercise, especially HIIT, especially fasting, especially without eating for at least an hour afterwards.
    1. 2. Anti-estrogenic foods


    1. a. Cruciferous (kale, boy choy, broccoli, cabbage, etc.)


    1. 3. Lower cortisol (stress hormone)


    1. a. sun (vitamin D)


    1. b. walking


    c. sleep more

Here’s exactly what I did to raise my testosterone, and lower my estrogen:

    1. Cut carbs to 20-30% of my daily intake to decrease estrogen
    2. Decrease my protein to 1 gram per pound of lean body mass
    3. Increase my vitamin D to 50000 units per week
    4. Take one Prostaco per day for its stinging nettle content
    5. Take 3 ZMA at night for Zinc and Magnesium
    6. Take one Libido Stim M per meal for increased testosterone production
    7. Take 25 mg DHEA and adrenal support (my DHEA was low on my blood test)
    8. Slept at least 8 hours per night
    1. 9. Lifted weights 3-4 days per week.


    That’s it! I was so impressed with these results that I’m continuing with this regiment I will be adding more walking, intermittent fasting, and HIIT during a fast this year.

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