By Dr. Keith Sheehan

5 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Nutrition

1. Sugar is poison

Sugar is a causative factor in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Just take a look at the handout on 146 ways sugar is killing us. Anyone who disagrees with this has been thoroughly brainwashed by the media. Keep reading the handout until it sinks in that sugar kills.

2. You can’t fix a bad diet with supplements

First comes diet, then come supplements. Just remember, supplements supplement a good diet, not fix a bad one. That being said, the right supplement program will help anyone, it just won’t undo a bad diet. Taking the right supplements, but having a bad diet is like taking one or two steps forward, and one or two steps back.

3. You can’t fix a bad diet with exercise

A lot of people think they can eat junk, and “just work it off”. This is wrong for 2 main reasons. One, if you eat sugar, sugar is poison, and you can’t unpoison a person after taking poison, it just doesn’t work that way. Two, lets say you have a burger, fries, and soft drink. Let’s say that comes to 1000 calories. How many miles would you have to run, if the average person burns 120 calories per mile run? 8.3 miles. I don’t know about you, but the last time I ran 8.3 miles was…..never! Three, I remember watching the movie “Super-Size Me”, you know, the one where Morgan Spurlock eats Mickey D’s 3x/day for a month(and it takes him something like a year to go back to normal). There’s a fellow in the movie who eats at Mickey D’s nearly every day. He is normal weight and cholesterol. So junk food didn’t affect him, right? He’s perfectly normal, right? Hopefully yes, but we can’t really be sure. Is the junk food causing chronic inflammation that could cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., somewhere down the line? Is it turning on specific genes that code for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.? Hopefully not. We don’t really know. What we do know is that a bad diet, specifically, processed sugar and wheat, causes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. We don’t know if our diet is going to give us these diseases, until we actually have them. It’s a crapshoot. So, like the saying goes “Well, do you think you’re lucky-do ya, punk?” I always wanted to say that through my teeth, but I thought it would be more dramatic.

4. Our bodies were made to process real food, not fractionated vitamins.

In nature, nothing has 100% of the daily value of 23 vitamins and minerals. I checked. If something we are eating, or taking, has this, it is artificial, it is not food, and will not be recognized by the body correctly. So that’s where the legend of vitamins causing “expensive pee” comes from.

5. We need supplements

“Modern” farming techniques have robbed our soil of much of the minerals (and therefore the plants’ ability to make vitamins) it used to have. To equal the iron in one cup of spinach in 1945 would take 45 cups of today’s spinach. How many of us are getting our sea vegetables daily, to make sure we get enough trace minerals. You see the point. The only way to make up for our nutritional deficiencies is to eat the right diet for us, coupled with the right supplements for us. The right supplements, in being vitamin/mineral replacements for real food that we used to get, must be as much like real food as possible, thus they must be whole food concentrates (including herbal concentrates). The only whole food concentrates I know of are Standard Process Vitamins. I’ve seen other companies say they are whole food concentrates, but when I look on the label, what it really has are synthetic vitamins, in a whole food base. This is very different. Remember, if it has over 100% of the USRDA of any vitamin, it’s most likely artificial (minerals are an exception, you can make whole food minerals with over 100% of the USRDA, because certain foods have huge amounts of minerals in them, like sea veggies).

6. Our bodies are made to heal, with the right nutrients

What we have found, over and over, that given the right diet for each person, coupled with whole food supplements to correct organ dysfunctions and vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and enough time, about 99% of people will heal. Even current scientific studies point out that 70-90% of all diseases are related to diet, and these scientists usually know little to nothing about whole food supplementation and Nutrition Response TestingSM. I think if they did, they would agree with me that over 90% of all disease is nutritionally linked.

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