What is the cause of allergies? More practitioners should ask this question. Most assume that an allergen causes allergies. But why? Why are some people allergic and not others? The answer to this question lies in how the person’s immune system is functioning, and not in the external cause of the specific allergen. There are many reasons one’s immune system can become over-reactive to different things. It usually takes time to heal the body from all the stressors that cause this. In the meantime, Allergy Elimination treatments can help you with your symptoms, and to calm down the immune system.

What is Allergy Elimination? Allergy Elimination includes 1) an assessment and 2) laser-acupuncture treatments. The Assessment will tell me how reactive your system is and whether Allergy Elimination will be appropriate for you. The acupressure treatments begin with non-invasive testing for your sensitivity to different substances. Once we determine which substances we should work on, various reflex points on your body are stimulated using laser-acupuncture. At the end of the session, I will reassess you to see if the clearing was successful.

I find that most people need between three and twelve treatments for best results. Periodic “booster” treatments may be needed as time passes, to keep the immune system in great shape and reduce allergic tendencies that can crop up over time.

Could Allergy Elimination help you? It can help people with all types of allergic symptoms. From environmental allergies,  chemical and metal toxicities, food sensitivies, to the traditional itchy face-runny nose-watery eyes most associated with allergies, I find Allergy Elimination can help. It can also help if your body is sensitive to beneficial supplements and you need to calm things down as you get started on your nutrition program. This program works best for people who are already following a Natural Health Improvement Program, such as we have here at Sheehan Natural Health.

For more information and to find out if Allergy Elimination is right for you, call our office at (717) 392-6606.

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