Now that I am over 40, birthdays are not as important to me, but birthday cakes are! So yesterday was my birthday, and like many of my birthdays, it was gray and dreary, and also somewhat cold. Although last year the ground was still covered with snow. I had a full schedule and didn’t have much time to celebrate happy birthday to me until later in the evening. Dr. Sheehan cooked dinner (yay!) and I baked myself a cake. I love baking my own birthday cake because I get exactly the kind of cake I want (with my food choices that’s a must) and then I get to share it with others! Just think, if we all shared a treat with others on our birthdays, we would be celebrating with treats many times a year, not just once. I’m trying to start a trend.

So thinking back over the last couple of years, here are some links to my favorite birthday cakes (or the cookbooks that contain them):

Paleo Devil’s Food Cake from Paleo Eats by Kelly Bejelly

Gluten-Free Classic Carrot Cake from the Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam

Carob Bavarian Cream from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon (Ok, not a cake, but a dessert that is TO DIE FOR)

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake by Martha Stewart (Not 100% Sheehan approved, but I made this for my mom last year, slavishly following each step (but I did substitute the sugar with Truvia baking blend), it turned out AMAZING! Too bad she forgot her half of the cake at my house. I suffered with lots of phlegm for a week. Worth it.)

So now you have several choices for your next birthday. Make sure to bring me some! 🙂

Here’s my food log for yesterday and today:

Tuesday 3/15/16 – Verdict, I need to plan better and eat more veg

Breakfast: GF Chocolate Mint Bar (I overslept)

Mid-Morning – Coffee! Yes, it was a bad oversleeping day.

Lunch: Chicken meatballs. Roasted unsalted almonds.

Supper: Turkey and sardine burgers. 1/2 avocado. Raw hazelnuts.

Dessert: Paleo Devil’s Food Cake (see above)

Wednesday 3/16/16 –

Breakfast: More chicken meatballs. Coffee with butter.

Mid-morning snack – Vanilla Almond Paleo Bar

Lunch – Turkey Sandwich on a Gluten Free Roll from Lemon Street Market. Half of a grape Zevia.

Mid-Afternoon Snack – leftover birthday cake! (2 pieces – hey, it’s paleo, right? Spoken like a true food addict)

Supper: Jamaican Jerk Wings at Dipco, greek salad, beer?

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