An Update on Life in Nutrition and Chiropractic.

Dr. Sheehan and I started the SP Purification Program on Monday. We are both already feeling better! I had been waking up with sweats around 3:30am and having trouble getting back to sleep, and I’m happy to say it’s much better. And Dr. Sheehan is noticing his skin clearing up and relief from some aches and pains. So if you are looking to boost your healing process to the next level, I highly recommend the cleanse. If you are curious about what we eat on the cleanse, check out my food log below.

But first, Dr. Sheehan is contributing a recent case study on chiropractic and nutrition this week. He writes:

“Chiropractic Nutrition case of the week
Once a week, I will be writing about the Chiropractic Nutrition case of the week. I’m doing this to illustrate how Therapeutic Nutrition works, and why it is so important in the practice of Chiropractic.
Jane (I changed her name for her privacy) came into me about one month ago complaining of severe back pain over her entire back. Knowing her history, I knew that she was severely osteoporotic, and had a history of compression fractures in her spine. I knew that I could barely touch her, any pressure or movement caused her severe pain. When I checked her, I found that what her body actually wanted was a nutritional supplement, not an adjustment. Being trained as a chiropractor, I found this particularly odd. We were always trained that for every pain there is an adjustment. However, because of my training in Nutrition Response Testingsm, I knew that oftentimes the body will want nutritional therapy rather than any physical treatment. Knowing Jane’s history, I knew that she was under tremendous stress, which puts severe stress on the organ systems and uses up huge amounts energy, vitamins, and minerals. So I tested her out. Her heart said that it needed support, in the form of Cardio Plus. Jane loved Cardio Plus, she swears to this day that it cured her Lyme Disease (even though I explained to her that Nutrition Response Testing never treats any disease). So I gave it to her, with specific dosage instructions on how and when to take it.
Later that night, I called her to see how she was doing. Jane was still stressed, but said that the improvement in her back was miraculous. She noticed improvement right away. She thanked me, and told me she’d see me next week.
What did I learn from this? I learned to always ask the body what it wants when a person comes into my office. Sometimes they want an adjustment, sometimes they want a nutritional supplement, sometimes they just need more water (I see that about 25% of the time, nearly all of a person’s problems are from dehydration). I also learned that often times, when the Chiropractic adjustment by itself doesn’t relieve pain, it’s because something else is causing the pain. Finding this true cause negates the need for repeated adjustments, physiotherapy, etc. Just something to think about.”

Here’s my food log for the last few days:
Monday, July 20, 2015
7:00 AM: Coffee with coconut oil. SP Complete Shake (Whey Pro Complete, SP Complete, Coconut milk, 2 handfuls greens, 1/3 extra-large zucchini, 2 cups frozen fruit–this makes a double)
9:30 AM: cucumber slices
11:30 AM: another shake (similar to the last one)
3:30 PM: another shake
7:30 PM: Cat’s Meow in Manheim: broiled flounder, scallops, and crab cake, salad, broccoli, 1 glass malbec
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Same as Monday! Until the evening…
7:30 PM: Pasquale’s: mussels in garlic wine sauce, a few wings with med sauce, shrimp with broccoli, peppers. Unsweetened iced tea.
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Same as Monday and Tuesday! Except for an afternoon snack I also had 1 cooked beet. And for supper I had 2 homemade naked burgers with mustard.

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