By Charles Poliquin

Eliminate all man-made trans-fats from your diet for a healthier, leaner, happier life. A series of research studies show that trans-fats significantly compromise quality of life and happiness. They also cause brain deterioration, lead to poor cognition, and cause increased bodily pain. No kidding!

In addition, eating trans-fat has been linked with increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, being obese, getting Alzheimer’s, being seriously depressed, having high levels of inflammation, and cancer risk. You must consciously eliminate them NOW!

Trans-fats are the synthetic fats that are created when vegetable oils are partially hydrogenated. They are often present in margarine and shortening, and despite being eliminated from a lot of products, are still found in high levels in prepared foods.

Trans-fats are banned in restaurants in California, and some cities in the East have followed suit. The FDA requires that foods be labeled if they contain trans-fat, however, there’s a loophole: If a food contains less than 0.5 g of trans-fats, it can say “trans-fat free” on the label, but you will still find partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredients. A classic example is commercial peanut butter that contains a small amount of trans-fat to prevent separation.

The following are some tips to help you avoid trans-fats from getting into your diet:

  1. The easiest way to avoid trans-fats is to only eat whole foods and never eat packaged foods.
  2. If you do eat packaged foods, read ALL ingredient labels. The words “hydrogenated” and “partially hydrogenated” are used interchangeably. If a food label says, “fully hydrogenated oil,” then it will be trans-fat free but should still be avoided because the fat has still been synthetically altered.
  3. Though it’s unlikely the readership eats any of these foods, the following brands use large amounts of trans-fat in their products: White Castle, Long John Silver’s, Marie Callender’s, Pop Secret, Pillsbury, Jolly Time, Utz, Betty Crocker, Sara Lee, Safeway, and Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand. The full list can be found at the Center for Science in the Public Interest website ( )

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