A Case Study and Observations

I was at a loss for what to write about this week until two patients in a row mentioned high cholesterol. The first had been on the Standard Process Purification program for three weeks and she dropped her cholesterol from around 250 to 177. She said her medical doctor was thrilled, which I thought was an appropriate response :). The next patient mentioned her cholesterol had just tested rather high as well, between 240-250. So we got to talking about it.

Did you know that cholesterol is actually a symptom? It’s a result of too much inflammation in the body. What causes inflammation in the body? Lots of things, but primarily eating sugar and too many carbohydrates. In fact, as soon as you put sugar in your mouth, your brain and every joint in your body swell. So what’s one simple step that you can take to reduce your cholesterol? That’s a rhetorical question.

I’m trying to keep it short and sweet today–I’m about to go out of town to see my relatives in North Carolina, including my Aunt who suffered for decades with intractable migraines and multiple environmental allergies and illnesses. But now she sees a Nutrition Response Testing doc down in her neck of the woods, and she is 80% better. I’m so grateful for this natural healing system and what it has done for me and my family (including Dr. Sheehan, Binky and Taquito, my Aunt and my Dad too!). I wish every family could be so healthy and happy using Nutrition Response Testing and Designed Clinical Nutrition.

I also don’t have a diet log this week. Gotta get back on that, too 😀 Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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