It’s easy, but it’s not

I have been having left-sided neck pain for about a month, going down into my shoulder. I know it is related to a nutritional issue because in the past, my neck pain has gone away when I took the correct nutrition. But this particular case has been more stubborn than usual. I have been frustrated with the persistence of this neck pain. So this morning I asked Dr. Sheehan to check me using Nutrition Response and really localize the area of pain and find out what it is coming from. Well, I’m sorry I asked (in a way, but I wanted to know the truth, so I am glad I asked). What is affecting my neck pain is my spleen. Now the spleen is a very mysterious organ that I have written about before. When the spleen is active it indicates chronic immune system problems and a predisposition to autoimmune problems. Autoimmune issues run in my family. So naturally I am concerned and I want to take care of my spleen and get this neck pain better, but also prevent future health problems. The best way to take care of the spleen? Take the proper spleen support supplements, of course, but it is also necessary to avoid ALL sweets, and dairy. I have done this before, but to be frank, I have been slipping. I love yogurt so I have been eating more, and more fruit has been sneaking in, and I’ve been using honey and other sweeteners more as well. But as of this morning I am back on the wagon. I don’t have a diet log either ๐Ÿ™ but here I am back at the beginning. I’m ready to do this! The health of my spleen awaits!

And tomorrow I am embarking on a 15-mile hike…Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York State. Dr. Sheehan and I are busy making preparations, and indeed are almost out the door. I haven’t done too much prep or training for this…we’ll see how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a lovely holiday weekend, and may all your plans go smoothly!

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