The importance on natural pet health is dawning on more and more people. If we ourselves get plenty of exercise, eat right, and take the right supplements to feel wonderful and stay healthy, why don’t we do the same thing for our pets? The fact of the matter is that natural health care for pets works, and is incredibly powerful. I can attest to this since my two beloved doggies, Binky and Taquito, have been natural health babies for years. We handle any symptoms they have with Nutrition Response Testing (R) and Designed Clinical Nutrition, just like we do for our human patients in our office.

Here are three simple steps to get your dog or cat started on a natural pet health regimen!

Step 1.

Feed your pet right. Here is a good resource for proper feeding of carnivores (your dog or cat, duh!). Just doing this will reverse many chronic problems, give your pet clean, soft, glossy fur, good teeth, and plenty of energy! Binky and Taquito eat Primal Brand pet food, which makes raw feeding easier, since the food patties are pre-mixed. They like the duck and chicken “flavors” best.

Step 3.

Give your pet the proper supplements. Dogs and cats respond beautifully to whole food supplements. Using natural supplements, I can handle just about any symptoms that Binky and Taquito might have. Including: low mood, constipation, itching, chewing, licking, “scrunching” (backing up hunching over as if in pain), and hair loss. I can handle these and I have, too! Binky just had a little bout of constipation and we took care of it naturally. Within 2 days, he was completely symptom-free!

Step 2.

Find a holistic vet. Vets are very much like medical doctors, and receive a very similar medical training, just for animals. They are not trained in proper nutrition but boy, are they handy to have around in an emergency! I get my dogs healthy with proper diet, exercise, and supplementation at home. But if my dogs are having severe, emergency symptoms, I don’t hesitate to call my vet, because I know she will give me sound medical advice, and not prescribe expensive, unnecessary interventions.

My doggies are my babies, and they deserve the best I can give them. I take care of them naturally using the above steps, plus I try to get them enough exercise, and play with them, and give them plenty of love! Shouldn’t we all do the same for our pets! They are, after all, part of the family.

Stay tuned, we will be providing natural pet health coaching very soon!

Here is my diet log (just yesterday):

Tuesday, March 6, 2016

Breakfast: coffee with butter, cube steak marinated, macadamia nuts

Snack: pb meal bar

Lunch: chili with ground chicken, tomato sauce, onion and green pepper

Snack: seaweed snacks, almonds

Supper: ground meat (turkey and beef with onion) on a bed of greens, peanuts

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Breakfast: coffee with butter, leftover ground meat with fried egg

Snack: herb tea, vanilla almond paleo bar

Lunch: salad with ham, salami, red pepper, carrots, cabbage and greens with blue cheese, almonds

Supper: ground meat (chicken) again! With onions and cabbage, and guacamole.


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