There’s something to the old wisdom of three squares a day.This week I have turned over the topic to Dr. Sheehan. In our office, we coach people on how to eat better to give the body its best shot at getting back to health. Many people have that they need to stop assaulting the body with unhealthy foods if they truly want to get well. But when to eat can also be important. So I asked Dr. Sheehan to comment on this question.

Dr. Sheehan says, “One of the current fads with diets is intermittent fasting. I’ll admit, I tried it myself (made me feel like doggie doo). Again and again, I find that the vast (as in 99.9%) of my patients do the best eating 3 meals a day, focusing on healthy proteins, fats, and veggies. I’ve attached a list of “Good Foods” for you to choose from. No one seems to do well skipping breakfast (sure you’ll lose weight short term with the calorie reduction), but it always seems to come back. Some diet gurus insist that you must not eat after 6pm. Once again, I find that it’s most important to eat 3 meals a day, it’s not important when you eat them (as long as you don’t skip a meal), and focus on proteins, fats, and veggies, from the “Good Foods” list. For some reason, people think that you’ve got to do something weird with your diet in order to lose weight and be healthy. Nope. Just 3 good meals a day, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and exercise every day.”

Could it be just that simple? Thanks for reminding us that being healthy does not mean doing anything weird. That’s why we love you!

Here is my food diary for the last several days:

Monday April 27, 2015

8:00AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil, chicken salad (raw mixed veggies, celery, green onion, cabbage, radish, lemon), mixed with peanut sauce

11:00 AM: pecans

3:00 PM: chili – ground beef, green onion, cabbage, radish, celery, canned crushed tomato, liver pudding

3:30 PM: more coffee with butter and coconut oil, teeccino

8:30 PM: chicken thigh stuffed with raw cheese, canadian bacon and sun-dried tomato, cashews

Tuesday April 28, 2015

8:00 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

9:00 AM: naked burger, canadian bacon, raw cheese, spinach, pecans

10:30 AM: teeccino

1:30 PM: chili (leftover from yesterday)

3:30 PM: PB meal bar

8 PM: cashews, leftover meatloaf from John J Jeffries, greens, mashed potato (not much), 1.5 glasses red wine

Wednesday April 29, 2015

6:00 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

8:00 AM: scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, green onions, liver pudding

11:45 AM: cocoa cherry bar

1 PM: cobb salad at the Philly train station. Ever been to that Deli? You pass by it on the way to the SEPTA trains. Great spot. Romaine, chicken, egg, bacon, avocado, tomato, bleu cheese, hold the dressing

2:30 PM: 1/2 sugar free chocolate bar

8:30 PM: GreekTowne Grille: Surf & Turf – NY Strip, shrimp, anchovies, black olives, small greek salad

Not bad for a travel day!!

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