I found out recently that my own mother will have nothing to do with Nutrition Response Testing because of a single Danish study that she read that “debunked” all healing systems based on kinesiology, or muscle testing. I still haven’t found that study. I’ll get...
Fat Loss Myths

Fat Loss Myths

With so many people trying to lose weight these days, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of information (and much more disinformation about the subject).  Here’s five myths, and five truths I hear spouted over and over again by people who don’t understand physiology...
Why I Love the Paleo Diet

Why I Love the Paleo Diet

A Brief Note on Diet, or Why I love the Paleo Diet I love the Paleo diet, but for different reasons than why most people..  Most people state that the Paleo Diet is the diet that we ate up until around 10000 years ago, which is probably mostly true (it’s hard to tell...

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