High Cholesterol

A Case Study and Observations

I was at a loss for what to write about this week until two patients in a row mentioned high cholesterol. The first had been on the Standard Process Purification program for three weeks and she dropped her cholesterol from around 250 to 177. She said her medical doctor was thrilled, which I thought was an appropriate response :). The next patient mentioned her cholesterol had just tested rather high as well, between 240-250. So we got to talking about it.

Did you know that cholesterol is actually a symptom? It’s a result of too much inflammation in the body. What causes inflammation in the body? Lots of things, but primarily eating sugar and too many carbohydrates. In fact, as soon as you put sugar in your mouth, your brain and every joint in your body swell. So what’s one simple step that you can take to reduce your cholesterol? That’s a rhetorical question.

I’m trying to keep it short and sweet today–I’m about to go out of town to see my relatives in North Carolina, including my Aunt who suffered for decades with intractable migraines and multiple environmental allergies and illnesses. But now she sees a Nutrition Response Testing doc down in her neck of the woods, and she is 80% better. I’m so grateful for this natural healing system and what it has done for me and my family (including Dr. Sheehan, Binky and Taquito, my Aunt and my Dad too!). I wish every family could be so healthy and happy using Nutrition Response Testing and Designed Clinical Nutrition.

I also don’t have a diet log this week. Gotta get back on that, too 😀 Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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It’s terribly mysterious…

Over the weekend I was bound and determined to pull out all the poison ivy at the side of my house. It was established with lots of roots and vines. I knew I was going to get the allergic rash, but I didn’t care, because the job at hand was more important to me.

Fast Forward to Friday morning. I have patches of poison ivy all over my body, on my arms and legs, on my chest and even my abdomen. But I’m not really that concerned about it. Why? Because Dr. Sheehan checked my areas of poison ivy and told me there was somehow a metal toxicity involved. He told me to spray a metal detox homeopathic on the affected skin once every hour or so. It’s amazing! Even though I have these nasty pus-filled boils (awesome, right?), they don’t bother me. They hardly itch, and are only marginally on my mind. They do itch in the morning when it’s been hours since applying the metal detox.

Now I find this whole situation fascinating. We are taught to dread poison ivy, to eradicate it wherever we find it. It’s considered the most noxious of weeds. But what if it’s only helping to detox heavy metal toxins very quickly through my skin (hence the rash)? We are taught in natural healing that skin rashes are due to the body not being able to get rid of waste products in the usual ways. Shouldn’t I be grateful then, and consider poison ivy an ally? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in a hurry to go rolling around in another pile of poison ivy any time soon. I just like to consider that the true purpose of poison ivy is actually a mystery. Thank goodness for mysteries that surprise us and allow our minds to consider something we think we know well in a whole new way.

So if you do find yourself with a poison ivy rash this summer season, please call the office. Much can be done to help naturally!

Here is my food record for the last several days:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

7AM: Coffee with coconut oil (Dr. Sheehan is avoiding dairy for now, hence the omission of butter from my coffee)

10:30 AM: ham, chicken, onions and garlic

2:00 PM: smoked salmon, greens, avocado, lemon juice, a piece of Ric’s nut and seed bread with coconut oil

3:00 PM: DFH choc coated protein bar

4:00 PM: green tea, cashews

7:30 PM: mixed nuts, grain free coconut flour choc cookies (with gelatin!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

7:00 AM: coffee with coconut oil, beef with onions, garlic, avocado, salsa and greens

10:40 AM: DFH choc coated protein bar

2:00 PM: piece of nut and seed bread with mustard, 2 slices Canadian bacon and greens

8:30 PM: Horse INN! I was good at first: glass of malbec, fluke (fish) with vegetables and potatoes, THEN I got a BLT with French fries

Thursday May 14, 2015

6:30 AM: coffee with coconut oil

9:00 AM: chicken, onions, garlic, mixed nuts

2:00 PM: 2 coconut flour choc cookies (w gelatin!), naked burger, greens, avocado, salsa

7:00 PM: mixed nuts, 2 chicken sausages, baby greens

Low-Fat Lies

Fat is bad for you. Oh, Really?

I’m going to come clean here. I don’t have an up-to-date food journal. I got back from my class last Saturday night and in the process of unwinding from my trip I let it fall out. So this very moment I am grabbing a new food record, and writing my breakfast on it. I am folding it up and putting it in my pocket so I have it with me. So I am back on it already! See, it’s easy!

I stopped buying products that are advertised specifically as low fat a long time ago. In fact, I never really understood why fat was considered bad. It just didn’t make sense to me that those yummy foods like butter and bacon and coconut oil that people have been eating for eons were suddenly considered bad. Recently I read the book “Life Without Bread” and learned about according to biochemistry, promotion of low-fat and anti-fat has been wrong all along. Healthy fats are vital for healthy hormones, skin, brain function, healthy weight and energy.

I have personal experience regarding this. I do not check my fat intake AT ALL. I never have. I probably take in about 1500 calories a day at least just in fat. I put fat in my coffee in the morning. I cook with tons of butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. I put lots of homemade dressing on my salad (made with raw flaxseed or olive oil). I eat fatty meats, fatty fish, and lots of avocados. I like to feel satisfied from eating. Ever notice that eating carbs never satisfies and you always want more? But eating fat makes me feel good and I only need to eat a healthy amount to feel full. I also have never had a weight problem, except when I was eating too many carbs! Then my weight will start to creep up.

So to sum up, avoid “low-fat” labeled foods. “Full-fat” is better. Unprocessed, unpackaged high-fat foods are the best. I mentioned quite a few of them already. So eat your fat, and enjoy it!

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When is the Best Time to Eat?

There’s something to the old wisdom of three squares a day.This week I have turned over the topic to Dr. Sheehan. In our office, we coach people on how to eat better to give the body its best shot at getting back to health. Many people have that they need to stop assaulting the body with unhealthy foods if they truly want to get well. But when to eat can also be important. So I asked Dr. Sheehan to comment on this question.

Dr. Sheehan says, “One of the current fads with diets is intermittent fasting. I’ll admit, I tried it myself (made me feel like doggie doo). Again and again, I find that the vast (as in 99.9%) of my patients do the best eating 3 meals a day, focusing on healthy proteins, fats, and veggies. I’ve attached a list of “Good Foods” for you to choose from. No one seems to do well skipping breakfast (sure you’ll lose weight short term with the calorie reduction), but it always seems to come back. Some diet gurus insist that you must not eat after 6pm. Once again, I find that it’s most important to eat 3 meals a day, it’s not important when you eat them (as long as you don’t skip a meal), and focus on proteins, fats, and veggies, from the “Good Foods” list. For some reason, people think that you’ve got to do something weird with your diet in order to lose weight and be healthy. Nope. Just 3 good meals a day, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and exercise every day.”

Could it be just that simple? Thanks for reminding us that being healthy does not mean doing anything weird. That’s why we love you!

Here is my food diary for the last several days:

Monday April 27, 2015

8:00AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil, chicken salad (raw mixed veggies, celery, green onion, cabbage, radish, lemon), mixed with peanut sauce

11:00 AM: pecans

3:00 PM: chili – ground beef, green onion, cabbage, radish, celery, canned crushed tomato, liver pudding

3:30 PM: more coffee with butter and coconut oil, teeccino

8:30 PM: chicken thigh stuffed with raw cheese, canadian bacon and sun-dried tomato, cashews

Tuesday April 28, 2015

8:00 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

9:00 AM: naked burger, canadian bacon, raw cheese, spinach, pecans

10:30 AM: teeccino

1:30 PM: chili (leftover from yesterday)

3:30 PM: PB meal bar

8 PM: cashews, leftover meatloaf from John J Jeffries, greens, mashed potato (not much), 1.5 glasses red wine

Wednesday April 29, 2015

6:00 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

8:00 AM: scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, green onions, liver pudding

11:45 AM: cocoa cherry bar

1 PM: cobb salad at the Philly train station. Ever been to that Deli? You pass by it on the way to the SEPTA trains. Great spot. Romaine, chicken, egg, bacon, avocado, tomato, bleu cheese, hold the dressing

2:30 PM: 1/2 sugar free chocolate bar

8:30 PM: GreekTowne Grille: Surf & Turf – NY Strip, shrimp, anchovies, black olives, small greek salad

Not bad for a travel day!!

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Whole Foods tomato

Whole Foods vs. Nutraceuticals

Let’s clear this up!I was listening to a lecture by Dr. Freddie Ulan, the founder of Nutrition Response TestingR, and among the many comments he made that struck me was one comment in particular about Nutraceuticals. He really clarified for me how nutraceuticals are different from whole foods in nutritional supplement form. Now pay close attention to this next part. I’m going to explain the difference between holistic healing and allopathic medicine. It’s not a secret, but it seems that the difference can be hard to get. They are actually two completely different approaches to handling a physical body. The key to understanding the difference lies with the functions of the nervous system. The nervous system, as you know, controls all of the life processes of the body. Digestion, heart rate, fluid balance, immune response, healing, everything. When confronted with a patient’s symptom or problem, the holistic practitioner asks the question “why” and then seeks to support the nervous system to encourage the body to do what it’s equipped to do from the beginning – and that is heal. An allopathic (aka medical) practitioner, when confronted with the same symptom or problem, seeks to provide an intervention that bypasses the nervous system–that is, forces a change in function to suppress the symptom. This is not healing, and is a failure in cases of chronic disease.

So if you remember, I started out this discussion with Dr. Ulan’s comment about Nutraceuticals. They are actually allopathic, and for that reason not the best approach in our opinion. They are “safer” drugs. They force a change on the nervous system. They are more gentle and less dangerous than pharmaceuticals, and this is certainly a plus considering the side effects of pharmaceuticals. I heard once a great analogy–it’s like when the check engine light comes on in a car. Allopathy cuts the wires to the light, or pulls the light out. Whereas the holistic approach will actually find where the car is malfunctioning and fix it. Whole foods in vitamin form, such as Standard Process makes, supply vitamins and minerals where there is a deficiency and thus work in harmony with the body’s healing process and nervous system so the body can finish the job it stalled out trying to finish. They provide the genuine replacement parts that the body needs to rebuild. No drug can do that.

So let’s get this straight. A Nutraceutical, and indeed ANY synthetic, laboratory-produced supplement (vitamin A, ascorbic acid, lutein, alpha-tocopherol, co-Q 10), and even herbs, yes, herbs, are actually allopathic. They only trying to suppress the symptom by bypassing the nervous system, not fix the problem. The most complete system I know of that truly heals body problems by working in harmony with the body is Designed Clinical Nutrition via Nutrition Response TestingR. We ask “why” and get the answer, then use whole foods to heal the problem. Just check out our testimonial pages to see for yourself. If you feel like maybe the “why” has been missed in your case and you want real solutions, give our office a call (717) 392-6606 and schedule an evaluation.

Here is my food diary for the past several days:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

9:30 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil, haddock and shrimp baked with butter, lemon and garlic

11:00 AM: mixed nuts

1:30 PM: butternut squash soup with sausage, green onions and bone broth

7:30 PM: 1.5 glasses organic red wine, paleo chicken strips (YUM! My new cookbook by Kelly Bejelly is AWESOME!!) and peanut sauce

Monday, April 20, 2015

8:00 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil, 5 slices Canadian bacon, 2 paleo biscuits, 2 eggs, peanut sauce

1:00 PM: mixed nuts, chili from California Tortilla

5:30 PM: You know, I didn’t write it down right away, and I forgot :((

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

9:30 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil, mixed nuts, 2 chicken sausages

11:00 AM: black tea

12:30 PM: Burrito Bowl from Neato Burrito, beef, veg, guacamole, cheese (even though I asked for no cheese), beans, rice (even though I asked for no rice) 1:00 PM: coffee :))

7:30 PM: potato chips, naked burger on greens, mixed nuts

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

8:00 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil, chicken pot pie (no pie crust tho) from Elana Amsterdam’s cookbook

11:00 AM: herb tea, pecans

2:00 PM: potato chips, protein shake: coconut milk, whey protein, SP Complete, radish greens

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The Fridge

My new favorite restaurant!I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for restaurants that have food I can eat that are not too expensive. And I recently heard about the Fridge. Now, I did know about it already, and I knew they had pizza and a large beer selection, but I DIDN’T know they had hot dogs from Sweet Stem Farm, roasted veggie salad, or anything gluten-free (which they do!). We went there on Saturday night with a friend, and I had a kim-chee hot dog with hummus and vegetables. Dr. Sheehan had a gluten free wrap with some kind of delicious hot dog. They were out of gluten free pita though. As a hypocrite, I also ordered a beer, a delicious oatmeal stout. I like stouts and porters for a cheat drink. YUM

So I will definitely go back there. I have been eating ground beef three times a day for the past week since getting sick (I’m feeling much better though) and The Fridge was a great change of pace!

Other favorites are: Texas Road House (yes, I’ll admit this is Dr. Sheehan’s favorite), Red Robin burgers on lettuce wraps with sweet potato fries, John J Jeffries (my all-time fav any chance I can get), Subway (in a pinch I order the salad with tuna salad on it), and right now I have a fantasy about going to DipCo tonight to have wings. I’m sure they’re not organic or free-range. So when I can’t have my ideal food and have some food that is not humanely or healthily produced, as much as I try to avoid it, I just say a prayer of thanks for the food and chalk it up to doing my best in this crazy world. At least I’m trying! And so are you, so that’s something to feel good about.

Here is my diet log for the last several days:

Saturday 4/10/2015

8AM: a few sips coffee, almonds, 1 bowl sausage butternut squash chili

1:00 PM: Annie Bailey’s: 1 Einstok Doppelbock, petite sheperd’s pie

7:30 PM: organic hot dog with kim chi (at the Fridge), hummus, raw veg, 1 pint of stout which I didn’t finish

Sunday – I didn’t write anything down!

Monday: 8AM: coffee with butter & coconut oil, 1 chicken sausage

1PM: chili from California Pizza Kitchen, tortilla strips

Afternoon: cough drops (SF), herb tea

8 PM: almonds, 2 small hamburgers on a bed of greens, kim chi

Tuesday 4/14/2015

9AM: few sips of my usual coffee, boring unsweet shake: cashew milk, radish greens, cashew butter, SP Complete dairy free (2 scoops), 1 scoop sprouted rice protein

2:30 PM: roasted salted cashews, ground beef, onion and purple cabbage

8PM: more cashews, 1 hamburger with fermented hot sauce on a bed of greens

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Fat Bombs!

Neither will they make you fat nor are they actually bombs 🙂I have been sick the last couple days and have had very little motivation to do anything, especially cook. However I think I will have to find the energy to make these Fat Bombs. My friend and fellow chiropractor’s wife Lori Suhrbier gave me this recipe. I will always love her for it!

Because of the excellent care I receive from my husband and also because I work hard on taking care of myself with a healthy diet, supplements, and exercise, I am not often ill. It does hit me from time to time (as I am still human). I think I have only taken antibiotics once in the last 5 years. So when I do get sick, the first thing I do is get a health check. Most of the time whatever supplements my body needs to support my immune system will head off the illness and I do not actually come down with it. And when I do end up with full-blown cold symptoms my supplements keep me functioning. Like I know I am sick but I can keep going until such a time as rest is appropriate. I also get adjusted as much as possible.

Remember, when you have acute symptoms, acute doses of supplements are in order (meaning lots), and as many adjustments and as much bodywork as possible. AND AVOID SUGAR AND DAIRY when you’re sick as well. Sugar cuts your immune response by 50% and dairy seems to gum up the system when you need to keep the channels of detoxification open. You can’t avoid getting sick completely because that is the nature of the world we live in, but these tips have stood me in good stead (this means these tips have been of great use and benefit to me).

Ok, now for the fat bomb recipe!

3/4 cup melted coconut oil

9 1/2 Tablespoons almond butter

60 drops stevia (you can skip this and they are still amazing)

3 Tablespoons cocoa powder

9 Tablespoons melted butter

Combine everything well in a bowl or food processor.

Pour the mixture into mini-cupcake tins and freeze. Just cover the bottom of the pan to about 1/2 inch thickness. Voila! Perfect for if you have a craving for bad sugary foods, have a fat bomb instead, as it packs a power punch of healthy fats!

Here is my food log for the last few days. I fell off the carb counting but I will get back on it.

Sunday 4/5/2015 Easter

6 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

7 AM: CC meal bar, 1/2 of a green juice

9:30 AM: bacon cheeseburger on a bed of greens, more green juice, leftover sugar free latte

1:00 PM: dinner with the fam at Bonefish Grill–iced tea, sashimi, ceviche, corn chips, shrimp & scallops with tomato, red pepper, potato, celery and bread

7:30 PM: baked haddock with butter, garlic and lemon on a bed of greens and lacto-fermented sauerkraut

Monday 4/6/2015

7:00 AM: 2 chicken sausages, coffee with butter and coconut oil

1:00 PM: herb tea, walnuts

1:30 PM: naked hamburger with salsa on a bed of greens with lacto-fermented sauerkraut

3:00 PM: more herb tea

7:30 PM: Texas Road House: a tequila, lime juice, and seltzer (my fav is the 1800 Reposado, just had to share since it took me much trial and error to figure out which one I liked best), chicken tenders, broccoli, green beans

Tuesday 4/7/2015

7:00 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

8:00 AM: 2 eggs & 4 thick-cut slices of bacon

12:00 PM: Red Robin: double wild west burger on a lettuce wrap, sweet potato fries

8:00 PM: walnuts, chili (hamburger, canned crushed tomato, onion, cabbage, leftover Red Robin chili mixed in, a few tortilla strips), 1 sip beer

Wednesday 4/8/2015

7:00 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

8:00 AM: cup of chili leftover 9:00 AM: herb tea, water, phosfood

1:00 PM: 2 chicken sausages

6:00 PM: tuna salad salad from Subway

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Don’t Eat Carbs For Breakfast, Kids

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

The other day I woke up early, like I usually do, and cooked myself a nice breakfast. I made eggs and sausage, and mixed them in with some quinoa and baby greens from the CSA. Now, I hadn’t made quinoa for months. It’s a grain, and most of the time grains do not disgrace the cooking pots and countertops in my kitchen. But I thought, this morning it will be fine, right? A little bit of yummy, nutty grain to mix in with my protein and veg? Kind of like a burrito bowl, sort of. I even put hot sauce on it. It was very yummy, and rather healthy as well. But for me, it was a mistake.

I’ll tell you why.

That little bit of carb in the morning from grain started me on a terrible carb binge that lasted all weekend. I couldn’t stay away from them! Sure, they were “permissible” carbs on my food plan, meaning they’ll only kill me slowly if I eat small amounts. But I was carbing out! Lard-cooked potato chips, paleo chocolate chip cookies, and *gasp* jerk chicken on a bed of rice and candied yams from Soul Food up the street, and beer!?! Sound harmless enough? By Sunday morning I was a sluggish, phlegm-y (is that a word), grouchy mess. That’s what carbs do to me. I was clearing my throat all day Sunday and I was not feeling too bright and sunny. I was already tired from working hard all week, but now I was exhausted! It’s taken me three days to recover.

The moral of the story, kids: don’t eat carbs for breakfast. Carbs for breakfast will just cause you to want more carbs the rest of the day.

I only have 2 days worth of food diary for you…the carbs made me do it 🙁

Monday 3/30/15

5:30 AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

6:00 AM: 2 organic beef franks with chicken soup (kale, carrot onion, bone broth)(5)

10:00 AM: peanuts (6)

1:15 PM: 1 naked hamburger with mustard and lacto-fermented sauerkraut (5), raw walnuts (5)

3:00 PM: cinnamon spice herb tea

8:00 PM: Texas Road House: 1 piece of fried catfish that was bad, a bowl of chili (10), broccoli, green beans (6), peanuts (15)

Total carbs for Monday: 52

Tuesday 3/31/15

7AM: coffee with butter and coconut oil

9:00 AM: protein shake: cashew/coconut milk, 2 scoops dairy free SP Complete, 1 scoop whey protein, 1 cup spinach, 2 TBSP cashew butter (10)

10:00 AM: black tea

1:00 PM: “chicken bake”, chicken thigh with cabbage, carrot and garlic (10)

5:00 PM: walnuts (5)

7:30 PM: Red Robin take-out :): double bison burger (it’s called the Wild West burger) on a lettuce wrap (10-probably in the sauce), sweet potato fries (30)

Total carbs for Tuesday: 65

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Multiple conditions, need help!

Q. My girlfriend is having some issues with her skin. She did a spit test in water that she found online and believes that she has candida. We also believe that she has some sort of hormonal or nutritional imbalance. she can at times have some serious mood swings and anger issues but she is also depressed fairly often. she has also overcome anorexia several years ago however maybe that could have contributed to a hormonal or nutritional imbalance. she is 24 years old. she started out with mild acne but now her skin has become thick and dry on her forehead and has a scaly appearance. She has also become a victim of some sort of vitiligo mostly on her legs but also some other areas on her body. We need some serious help to get her body straightened out because it is really starting to take over her life. she has no idea what she should or shouldn’t eat for her problems as well as weather she should or shouldn’t take supplements let alone what supplements to take. she is regularly stressed out which i am sure contributes to her problems. I am not sure how much information you need to help us out or if you have any suggestions of where to start. If you have a location that you suggest she get her levels checked out to have you help her all help is appreciated. She does not have any health insurance and she does not have a regular doctor she goes to. We really need to move forward and do something about her problems because they proceed to get worse and she will not go to a standard doctor. she is much more into the natural therapy. maybe just getting her nutrition right for her body would be enough I’m not sure. if you could get back to me with any information or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. We really need help to solve these issues. thank you so much for any and all help. we greatly appreciate it.

A. First of all, I commend you for reaching out about this difficult issue. It is common that people have these sorts of health problems and do not know where to turn for help. She has problems that will not get better and will surely get worse unless she gets the proper help. If she is willing to make some changes, there is hope, and I can help. Her case sounds too complex to give any advice in this forum, and I do not want to guess about the cause. I can say, however, that my wife had very similar problems back when I first met her but they have all cleared up once I provided her with the correct therapeutic nutritional program for her system. I have helped many others with similary problems as well. The best way to get started is to come to one of our health talks to learn more about nutritional therapy. If she is interested in coming to a health talk, have her call the office–the current schedule is on our site here. Thank you again and I wish you both the best of health.

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Magnificent Multivitamins

Simple Multi Vitamin Reduced Cardiovascular Death By 37%

How many times have you heard the saying the best offense is a good defense? That saying may seem trite, but in the world of nutrition these words are golden. The evidence is overwhelming that vitamins and trace minerals are essential for enzyme systems and the reduction of disease of all kinds. You will be shocked in a few moments when I review some of the studies, but before I do, I want you to think foundational.

What are the foundations that every patient should be taking? The bottom line is, today’s food quality is not near what it was. Add to this the abundance of food processing food additives that leaches nutrients from the body, and what you get is the exact recipe for nutrient deficiency. You can’t be healthy unless you are getting the basic nutrients which are almost impossible to get from diet alone these days. True vibrant health is unattainable without optimal nutrients.

I have heard more than one doctor say that it borders on malpractice to NOT recommend a good multivitamin and balanced essential fatty acid. One of the doctors said he believes if you don’t recommend a good multiple there is enough evidence available right now in well respected medical journals that you could be sued for malpractice.

Now of course we all know that will never happen, but he was making a dramatic point that the data is strong. Consider the French seven year double blinded, randomized, placebo controlled study that showed a reduction in cardio-vascular death by 37 % and a reduction in cancer diagnosis by 33% in men ages 45-60 with subjects taking low dose antioxidants and a few trace minerals. These are huge numbers with profound implications. Double blinded, randomized, placebo
controlled studies are the gold standard of testing only to be enhanced by the number of subjects, which were over 10,000 people. This is an impressive study.
The reason for “taking drugs to lower cholesterol” is to reduce heart disease. We want to reduce heart disease so people won’t die. The French study showed a reduction of death by 37% and reduction of cancer diagnosis by 33%. It’s a big
deal. If a patentable drug could show those numbers, we would be hearing about it day and night on the news not to mention the commercials that would be generated.

Another study, on the elderly showed a multivitamin mineral supplement significantly improved their overall nutritional status, bone density, and even reduced their falls.

A third study showed that patients who took multivitamins had a lower risk of high blood pressure. The multivitamin group also had 73 % less risk of diabetes and a 52% less risk of coronary disease compared to the non-supplemented group. Also subjects taking multiple vitamin mineral supplements reported having good or excellent health status (74% more than the non-user group).

Some may say that the subjective reports are just placebo, but it is difficult to change bone density with a placebo; and as I reported from the French study, the nutrient group had 37% less death. That’s pretty tough to fake. Still another double blind, placebo control study, published in the American Journal of
Medicine showed multivitamin use was associated with lower C-reactive protein levels. C-reactive protein is associated with inflammation, and inflammation is associated with a host of conditions.

Here’s what one professor from Harvard Medical School said in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, “suboptimal intake of some vitamins, above levels causing classic vitamin deficiency, is a risk factor for
chronic diseases and common in the general population, especially the elderly. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears
prudent for ALL adults to take vitamin supplements.”

If patients have deficiencies, even in very inexpensive nutrients, it causes huge changes even at the genetic level. We all know about folic acid deficiencies causing spinal bifida in newborns, but what about our genes? Consider this
quote by Dr. Ames and his colleagues as he reports the effects of various nutrients on DNA damage and repair, “These findings suggest that a diet poor in folate may pose a risk of DNA damage… comparable to that of a relatively high
dose of radiation.” That’s important!

These few studies are with just SIMPLE nutrients. What if we add a high quality blend of EFAs high in Omega 3 fatty acids? Most of these studies are not done with highly bio-available nutrients OR with the life style changes that you teach your patients which will amplify the effects. Clearly we have to help our patients understand that establishing a nutrient foundation is critical to healthy enzymes, healthy cells, and ultimately healthy patients.

So you can see in these few studies that a good offense really starts with a good defense. Feed our cells the foundational things they need, make some minor lifestyle changes, and then we can talk about the high tech nutrients that get so much attention on the internet. The basics, it’s where we start.

A doctor colleague of mine recently shared how a woman diagnosed with cancer and several other serious issues came to her for help. Within months of treatment the patient was showing great improvement and was praising the doctor. Even the doctor herself was amazed because the treatment was a multivitamin. That’s it, but why is that so surprising? The science is solid. Everyone needs the right nutrition to be healthy.

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