Natural Pet Health Basics

Natural Pet Health Basics

The importance on natural pet health is dawning on more and more people. If we ourselves get plenty of exercise, eat right, and take the right supplements to feel wonderful and stay healthy, why don’t we do the same thing for our pets? The fact of the matter is...


The key to getting healthy is feeding yourself right. And the key to feeding yourself right is successful food prep. And what is the key for successful food prep? You might be able to guess. Why, planning ahead, of course! There are many different ways to plan, but in...

Turkey Pot Pie

This turkey pot pie is an interesting concoction I made this morning for breakfast. I have been wanting to get more organ meats into my diet, except that I actively dislike most organ meats. So I saved some beef heart broth (yes, I cooked a beef heart in the crock pot...
Immune System Protocol

Immune System Protocol

By Dr. Keith Sheehan What is the best immune system protocol? Lately, lots of patients have been asking me, “what do I take when I’m sick?”  The correct answer, of course is “we test you, then tell you what your body wants, and you get better quickly.”  However, when...

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