Multiple conditions, need help!

Q. My girlfriend is having some issues with her skin. She did a spit test in water that she found online and believes that she has candida. We also believe that she has some sort of hormonal or nutritional imbalance. she can at times have some serious mood swings and...

Careers in Holistic Health Care

Q: Dr. Sheehan, I am currently a senior at Penn Manor High School. I am unsure as to where God will lead me to apply myself in my postsecondary journey, but I feel that becoming a chiropractic/holistic doctor, such as yourself, could be found somewhere in my future....

Solutions for a skin rash

Q. Dear Dr. Sheehan I know from the past, that You are the best, at curing neck problems. Now I have another problem. I have a bad, ugly, sore itchy rash on my hands and wrists. The doctor says- contact dermatitis. After 3 rounds of steroids, and antibiotics, (poison)...

Behavior Issues in Children

Q: Hi, my 5 year old son is having mood swings, anger problems, having a very hard time sitting still and paying attention. Do you know of any natural or homeopathic remedies that would help him? Thanks A: I would use a step by step program to help this young man....

Insurance Coverage

Q: Just trying to find out if Dr. Sheehan appointments are covered by insurance? Kevin A: Dear Kevin, Thank you for your question. In general insurance only covers chiropractic treatment for acute neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. To find out if your particular...

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