By Dr. Keith Sheehan

November 13, 2019

This time of year, lots of patients ask me, “What do I take when I’m sick?” Of course, the correct answer is “we test you, then tell you what your body wants, and you get better quickly!” However, when you’re getting sick, time is of the essence. When you first start to feel symptoms, the bacteria or virus making you sick is actually at a very low count. However, that viral/bacterial count will increase exponentially, and by the time you get here to get tested, you’ve got a full-blown cold or flu!

So, this is what you take while you’re driving to the office to get properly tested.

The supplements listed in this article everyone should have in abundance at home (have a big bottle of each) and take at the very first sign of illness. Do not wait until you are “sick”! Take them when you think “I wonder if I’m coming down with something?” By the time you think “I’m sick”, it’s too late, and it’s going to take more time to get better. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! A stitch in time saves nine! And so on…

About The Flu Shot…

Kind of as an aside, around this time of year, I also get the dreaded question, “what about the flu shot?” Well, from what I’ve seen, It’s really a mixed bag. I know when I looked it up on the government website tracking vaccine injuries, the flu shot caused by far the most number of vaccine injuries. I’ve also seen that it’s between 10 and 50% effective, depending on the source that you reference. Make sure you check these references that we just cited. I try not to tell patients what to do, only that they are educated on what they do.

I myself do not get flu shots because the last time I got one was 10 years ago, and I felt sick for a month. It’s just not worth it for me, especially when I have natural alternatives like Congaplex, Immuplex, Antronex, Cataplex D, and Cod Liver Oil to support my immune system. How’s that for avoiding an emotionally charged subject!


1. As always, stop eating sugar!

Sugar is known to weaken your immune system response 50-90% for 4-6 hours after you take it! Do not eat sugar or refined carbohydrates while you’re fighting a cold! For that matter, considering sugar and refined carbs suppress your immune system (whilst causing other problems!), why not cut it out altogether? And no, fruit is not a refined sugar as long as you don’t juice it, so you don’t have to avoid it (unless you’re on a very low carb diet for blood sugar/weight issues, which is a whole other topic altogether-see one of my many videos on carbs and diet).

2. Wash your hands with soap often.

Viruses and bacteria, amongst other things, like to hang out on our hands. Wash them thoroughly and often to fight them effectively.

3. Get enough sleep. 

Lack of sleep raises stress hormones which suppresses your natural immune response and makes your insulin less sensitive-a one-two punch to get you sick a lot!

4. Drink enough water. 

This is just good old advice from Grandma (who lived to be 105 years old, so I listened when she talked!). I’m not sure why this works, other than that it helps to detoxify your kidneys, which can’t be bad for your immune system.

5. Eat lots of veggies. 

Full of vitamins and minerals, veggies really support your immune system.

6. Work out regularly. 

Regular exercises boosts your immune function.


Acute Cases

1. Congaplex

This is the most broad-based immune system support. It supports your body in fighting bacteria and viruses alike. Take 3 every half hour until you feel all better, then take 6/day for 2 weeks to rebuild your immune system. Don’t skip this step, or cut down Congaplex too quickly! My patients often tell me that they were started to feel better, cut down their Congaplex, and then got sick again! Don’t be that person!

2. Antronex

This doubles your liver’s filtration rate so that your body rapidly cleans out the debris that you make when you kill off bacteria and viruses naturally. It basically makes you feel better faster. Take 2 every half hour until you feel all better, then take 6/day for 2 weeks to rebuild your immune system, like Congaplex.


1. Immuplex

Take three per day.  Immuplex is great because it is full of what are called PMG’s, otherwise known as Protomorphogens. Protomorphogens are the cellular blueprints for how an organ should work. A Protomorphogen for the bone tells the bone how to work, a protomorphogen for the liver tells the liver how to work, etc. Immuplex has the Protomorphogens for the liver, bone, spleen, and thymus, Therefore, it tells your immune system how to work the best and naturally prevents the cold and flu. It’s kind of a “CTRL-ALT-DLT” for your immune system.  And it works awesome.

1. Vitamin D

This clinical trial suggests that high-dose vitamin D is suitable to both prevent and shorten the course of the flu naturally. We have observed this works for our patients also. For short-term supplementation, doses of 2000 IU/day are safe. Of course, if you test for more, take more!

A word to the wise. I would strongly advise against using over-the-counter vitamin D supplements. Unless your vitamin D supplement comes as nature intended it, meaning from fatty fish, like Cataplex D or Cod Liver Oil from Standard Process, Your vitamin D supplement may not work properly, or worse, causing imbalance between vitamins A, D, and K, resulting in an increase in calcium deposition in your arteries and brain: this is very dangerous! That’s why we stick with Standard process—it’s vitamin D done the right way.  Another aside, I’ve seen studies say that optimized levels of vitamin D in the body could prevent over 50% of flu cases! With no side effects! That far outweighs the flu shot or any drug intervention! Why aren’t our doctors telling us this? Good question.

Now I know what you’re saying: “What about Echinacea, Andrographis, vitamin C, Zinc, etc.?” (alright, maybe you’re not saying that. Maybe you’re saying: “Sheehan’s gone and lost his mind!”). Hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these supplements, and often these supplements kick butt! Often after examining a patient, I will recommend these rather than Congaplex and Antronex, but remember, I’m talking about what you can take while driving to my office. So, keep a bottle of Congaplex and Antronex at home on the shelf, take them as I described above at the first sign of cold or flu, and in the meantime make an appointment to see your holistic doctor.

Want to learn more about Nutrition Response Testing? Check out our video here!

Yours in health,

Dr. Sheehan

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