5 Worst Protein Bar Ingredients

I found this great article on Protein Bar Ingredients on Dr. Laura Bomback’s web site…she’s a Nutrition Response Testing(R) Practitioner and Chiropractor in Fall River, Mass. 5 Worst Protein Bar Ingredients By Whole Lifestyle Nutrition Protein bars…so convenient yet so full of garbage. They hold the promise of being healthy, easy and full of muscle-building

Mommy Needs Whole Food Nutrition

Mommy needs whole food nutrition and the exact right supplement program (as determined by Nutrition Response Testing(R)). These are important for everyone’s health, but most importantly for hopeful, or expecting mothers. Getting onto a nutrition plan should begin well in advance of trying to conceive. This will ensure that mom (and dad!) have the best


93% of patients with chronic whiplash pain who have failed medical and physical therapy care improve with chiropractic adjustments. (Injury, 1996) Chiropractic is THE BEST therapy for whiplash injuries. It’s criminal that doctors don’t prescribe it first. And it’s a pity that more people don’t see chiropractors for these types of injuries. Please tell anyone

Wondrous Watermelon

Your acupuncturist wants you to know…that watermelon is a potent Chinese herb that will help you survive the summer heat. That may sound obvious, but honestly, if you have trouble surviving the heat of summer, I highly recommend eating a bit of watermelon daily. It’s also helpful to remember that many inflammatory issues are at