Holistic Help For Weight Loss

As you’re reading this article, about half of the women (and girls!) in America are struggling to lose weight by following diet after diet that just doesn’t work. It’s no wonder that diet and weight loss products are a $40 billion a year industry. But even with all...
Protein Shakes Recipes

Protein Shakes Recipes

Banana Split 1 Serving chocolate or vanilla protein powder 8 oz. raw milk, almond or coconut milk, or water ½ ripe banana ½ cup chopped pineapple 4 frozen strawberries 1 tbsp. Essential Balance Oil 3 ice cubes Blend on high for 45 seconds and serve PB & J Shake 1...
Natural Protection from the Sun

Natural Protection from the Sun

Sunburn – a Nutritional Deficiency Issue? Did you know that a sunburn is actually a sign of nutritional imbalance? It means you don’t have enough calcium in your tissues. Tissue calcium provides sun protection. And just because you have enough blood or...
7 Tips For Weight Loss

7 Tips For Weight Loss

By Dr. Keith Sheehan Ok, so, recently, I decided I was too fat, again. Yet, I was keeping my carbs low, and exercising, so what gives? Here’s what we already know about weight loss: 1. Find out what your food allergies are with Nutrition Response Testing, take the...

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