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Laura Cooks Beef Bone Broth!

Good Afternoon! I’m taking a break from the Lyme disease “lecture” this week to talk about bone broth. You have probably heard of bone broth and how great it is for health. Many people have talked about why it’s so great (you can read a very informative why-to...

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Lyme Disease and Metabolic Syndrome

Good Afternoon! Last night Dr. Sheehan gave a talk entitled “Lyme Disease: What it is, and What it isn’t” at the Holistic Nurse’s Association. Soon I will be posting the presentation as a YouTube video, but the gist of his talk is that the whole health picture needs...

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Iron: Part 2

Here we are again for part II of my iron overload saga. Let me clarify that that the iron numbers I saw on my blood work would not be considered a problem by many physicians. There is a genetic disease called hemochromatosis that causes people to absorb more iron than...

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Iron: Part 1

Over the past few years I have been struggling with certain worsening symptoms. If you have been following my posts at all, you will know that I don’t tolerate sugar. I think I’ve finally found the reason. But I don’t want to spill the beans too soon. Here is a list...

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